after work one night, we went to Momo Tea and got our usual. 
if you haven't been here, the dishes are pretty average but the skewers are amaaaazing

  • the chicken skewers taste like they're dipped in honey before barbecued and they are literally the reason for my existence. they're rather pricey though, at $3.99 a pair.
  • we got ten lamb skewers for $10 and compared to the measly things you get elsewhere at like gogo music cafe, these have so much more meat on them! i will never go back to gogo for skewers again.
  • the spicy chicken pieces changed since the last time we were here. they're a lot more saucier, but still taste good. $7.50 for a small.
  • for dessert, we got fried/steamed buns with condensed milk. i actually like having the option of getting steamed buns as well because they have just the right amount of chewiness in them. i actually prefer the steamed buns to the fried buns, and let's just say they're healthier too (just by a bit). $5.50 for six.

☹ ☹ ☹
  • the spicy wonton soup is definitely a lot better at the city branch because the soup doesn't just taste like water with chilli oil and little bits of seaweed floating around. that said though, the skewers at the city branch are n o t h i n g in comparison to these. $5.50 for a small wonton soup.

altogether that meal cost about $25 a person.
we could've done without one dish, but our skewer cravings were more than satisfied.
worth it.

everyone needs to try those chicken skewers.

momo tea: 930 new north road, mt albert.

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