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this week has been so stressful being the last week of the holidays and all. trying to squeeze in time for uni work among five days of work is super hard! but after it all, some things still happened this week that i am so grateful for:

1. lots of things arrived in the post! (finally) including my new platforms that i love(!!), new gladiator clogs and two super cute heart bangles. retail therapy is the best! 
2. exciting exciting news! i made a facebook page this week! and until the 11th of may, i'm running a giveaway if you haven't heard so get over to facebook and follow the instructions to win a $50 britomart black card! 
3. guys i've been eating a lot of fairy bread. 
4. and i finally tried this pizza. it's a barbecue chicken and bacon pizza with a chilli dog stuffed crust. and yes, you should be jealous.
5. these past few days i've been feeding myself too much caffeine to substitute so many lost hours of sleep, but at least now i have a favourite go-to drink at starbucks! the white chocolate mocha is amazing! with cream. of course.
6. on sunday night, we had a family dinner where dad made his famous lamb pot. this literally sold so well when my parents owned their restaurant and i haven't eaten it in so many years! what a blast from the past. 
7. being the movie addicts we are, we saw the other woman in cinemas the other day and oh my goodness it is literally the funniest movie i've seen in such a long time! such a good week for a comedy.
it is a must see! and guys, jamie lannister was the main character. sorry nikolaj.
8. tonight we went to food in guangzhou and had the traditional clay pot rice dish. two of them. salty fish + pork mince and spareribs). when my friend introduced this restaurant to me, i literally cried inside because clay pot rice!!!!!! what restaurant even makes those dishes anymore?!?!? too happy.
9. manatees came up in conversation this week and i thought of this video. manatees are too cute. urf.

that's it for this week! hope you all had an amazing week too! as always, feel free to share your happy experiences x




every time i've been to milse, i've only gotten the gelato sticks. this time, we decided to try more!

milse gelato spider +
a lemon and elderflower house made soda

honey, apple, feijoa and cinnamon gateau +
a passionfruit, valrhona dulce and green tea verrine +
3 macarons (cookies and cream, tiramisu and lamington)

my passionfruit, valrhona dulce and green tea verrine was exquisite. the layers were so so good, and had so many delicious flavours; it went from a little bit of sour from the passionfruit up the top, to sweet to a green tea flavoured bottom layer. the best thing was, it wasn't even one of those 'too-sweet' desserts that you can only eat two bites of and then feel too sick to eat anymore. perfecto.

the honey, apple, feijoa and cinnamon gateau was a lot sweeter in comparison. my first thoughts when the plate came was "omg it's just a big macaroon!" i only had about two bites of this, and it was yum but i don't think i could've eaten the whole thing in one sitting.

even though we ordered just a few desserts, we felt a little bit sick afterwards because it was a little too much sweetness in the late morning/early afternoon. (yes we went at about 12:30pm just to get seats, but by the time we left around 1:15pm, the cute little dessert restaurant was full. too much demand!!!) 

the whole meal costed about $35 and for what we got, we thought it was pretty worth it compared to getting a $14 dessert at the restaurant you're eating dinner at! 

you need to get in early to get seats because if you're not quick, you're getting those desserts to go. 

for fancy, cute little desserts, check out milse
open monday-sunday 10am - late
27 tyler street, britomart

oh wait, did i say giveaway???

if you want to try out milse for yourself or another restaurant in britomart, i'm giving away $50 loaded onto a britomart black card! with this card, there are over 60 stores and restaurants you can redeem it at, so you can use it towards a romantic dinner for you and that special someone or just spend it on yourself!

all you have to do to be in the draw is 
1. like my page on facebook here.
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3. and share the post on public 

you also get a bonus entry if you follow me on blogspot, bloglovin' (for all you bloggers out there) or google+.

the competition ends may 11th at 9pm (gmt+12), so get sharing :) 
*only open to auckland residents, sorry!
good luck! x



many many many people suffer from monday blues, and sadly i am one of them. i've come up with this idea for myself (and all of you) as a way to look back over the past week and reflect in what was good and what was happy. every monday i will be writing a list of all the wonderful things i have come across, the things that have made me happy, and hopefully you will be able to look at it and your monday will be that little bit more cheerful as well. 

let's start the first cheer me up monday off shall we?

1. i made these delicious little treats!
2. a wonderful person linked me this video of a cat that thinks it is a sausage. 
3. we had a easter egg hunt at work! eggs were in the most obvious places and i completely missed them and felt like a dummy but it was a fun and yummy day! one of the best.
4. i rediscovered my love for hundreds and thousands cookies when i stumbled across fairy bread photos online. since then, i have eaten way too many.
5. it was half price mussels at de fontein today and we had 2 kilos of mussels and washed it down with brambles cider. totally worth it and so good too! these grilled mussels were amazing.
6. i cried just a little too much when i saw this .gif online. it's me.
7. this video pretty much went viral. it tugged a little on my heartstrings. okay a lot. i love you mum! 
8. being on holiday finally gives me time to relax and just sleep in. i cannot be more thankful for this study break! (let's not talk about the amount of assignments i have due over the break just yet.)
9. though i still had to work over easter, i still got two days off! the malls were closed so all you working in retail did too! hooray!

i hope you all had a wonderful week too! feel free to tell me about them in the comments below x




... so this happened today!!!!
while thinking of the obligatory easter post, i thought of the perfect treat and tweaked it a little bit to include a little easter twist! this is the perfect little dessert/treat and it takes about ten - fifteen minutes to make in total and it tastes  a m a z i n g!!!

hard biscuits (i used chocolate chip cookies because the chocolate in them would melt as well for double the treat! and round wine biscuits 'cause they're my fave)
mini cadbury creme eggs
mini mars eggs

1. cut marshmallows in half and place the sticky end on your biscuits (i made about 8 at a time)
2. line a baking tray with greaseproof paper
3. place these biscuits on the tray about 2 cms apart
4. heat your grill up to a high setting (mine was on the highest setting, you want your marshmallows to burn for a short period of time!) and place your tray in. keep the grill door open and keep a close eye on your marshmallows because they brown very very fast
5. once they are the perfect golden brown, turn your grill off, take the tray out and top with half your preferred choice of easter egg. cutting them in half allows the caramel and creme to flow out more easily and also makes a tastier treat! i've topped my marshmallows with kit kat pieces, mini mars egg, and mini creme eggs. you can use what ever chocolate you prefer!
6. the heat from the marshmallows will melt the chocolate just a little until they're perfect!

i didn't trust myself with making this so i bought toasted marshmallow creme from the supermarket as a back up plan. i didn't need it though! hahaha. let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
happy baking and happy easter x


a very close friend of mine had her 20th birthday recently and it called for a present that was a little bit more special than the rest. i'm talking special in terms of taking the extra effort to gift wrap it nicely, which honestly makes so much difference! this allowed me to get my creative juices running a bit and do some d.i.y. i've never spent so much effort on wrapping a present before but this is something i definitely want to do from now on! it's so much fun and makes a present mean that much more. the best thing about this is it's not expensive at all! i literally purchased everything here from a range of different $2 shops (w00ps apart from the present). these cheap materials also look amazing when combined and there are so many different looks you can create with just a few things. below i have included four simple steps if you want to replicate what i've done! 

brown paper ~$2.50 
string $2.50
brown box $3.00
flowers (from the backyard)
an old magazine

  1. wrap up your present in the brown paper.
  2. play around with the string a little bit, decide what looks best and go with it! for mine, i did about three different combinations until i settled on my final look. then i put the flowers in between the layers of string to simply hold it in place.
  3. using an old magazine, find a page with a design you like and cut out the shape of a tag (best if the page is thicker than normal a4 paper i.e. the front/back covers, otherwise simply back it up with layers of paper). i used an old STA travel magazine because they had amazing photographs on the front cover and in colours that matched the flowers i picked out.
  4. punch a hole (using a hole punch for a perfect circle!) in one side of the tag and attach it to the present using loose string. tie knots to secure the tag. 
... and you're done!
i've just included a letter because we were pen pals a few years back, just to make things a bit more meaningful. it was a bit hard working with a square box, but i made it work! (i think). let me know your thoughts in the comments below and happy wrapping x



having long uni breaks means we get to go out of uni to get good food! we had brunch at Circus Circus today. (brunch is obviously the best meal of the day).

☺  ☺
the coffee tasted better AND cheaper than the cafes around uni! $4.10 for a mochaccino.
i got home-made waffles with roasted peaches, berry coulis, orange crème fraîche and maple syrup. it looked amazing! presentation was pretty much 10/10. it was a little bit too sweet though, so i ended up eating half of it and finishing off my friend's meal instead. it was however, one of the cheaper options on the menu at $14.90
my friend got home-made hash browns with streaky bacon, wilted spinach, hollandaise and poached eggs. it still looks amazing even though he complained a little about the hash browns being soggy. "they should've put the spinach on the hash brown then put the eggs on top." i had a few bites though when the outside was still crispy, and it still tasted nice to me. $16.90 

great service, the interior was spacious, and it was a good environment to eat in.
worth a visit! (definitely better than the cafes around uni anyway. sorry uni cafes :( no disrespect.)

have you been here? let me know how your experience was in the comments below! 

circus circus cafe: 447 mt eden road, auckland
opening hours: 6:30am - 11:00pm every day.