a very close friend of mine had her 20th birthday recently and it called for a present that was a little bit more special than the rest. i'm talking special in terms of taking the extra effort to gift wrap it nicely, which honestly makes so much difference! this allowed me to get my creative juices running a bit and do some d.i.y. i've never spent so much effort on wrapping a present before but this is something i definitely want to do from now on! it's so much fun and makes a present mean that much more. the best thing about this is it's not expensive at all! i literally purchased everything here from a range of different $2 shops (w00ps apart from the present). these cheap materials also look amazing when combined and there are so many different looks you can create with just a few things. below i have included four simple steps if you want to replicate what i've done! 

brown paper ~$2.50 
string $2.50
brown box $3.00
flowers (from the backyard)
an old magazine

  1. wrap up your present in the brown paper.
  2. play around with the string a little bit, decide what looks best and go with it! for mine, i did about three different combinations until i settled on my final look. then i put the flowers in between the layers of string to simply hold it in place.
  3. using an old magazine, find a page with a design you like and cut out the shape of a tag (best if the page is thicker than normal a4 paper i.e. the front/back covers, otherwise simply back it up with layers of paper). i used an old STA travel magazine because they had amazing photographs on the front cover and in colours that matched the flowers i picked out.
  4. punch a hole (using a hole punch for a perfect circle!) in one side of the tag and attach it to the present using loose string. tie knots to secure the tag. 
... and you're done!
i've just included a letter because we were pen pals a few years back, just to make things a bit more meaningful. it was a bit hard working with a square box, but i made it work! (i think). let me know your thoughts in the comments below and happy wrapping x

2 comments on "GIFT WRAPPING"
  1. I like the magazine cut out tag!! very creative ^^ yeah things are so much more personal when you put a little effort into it :) im sure she loved her present!

    1. she did love it! what a relief :3 and thank you so much hehehe