every time i've been to milse, i've only gotten the gelato sticks. this time, we decided to try more!

milse gelato spider +
a lemon and elderflower house made soda

honey, apple, feijoa and cinnamon gateau +
a passionfruit, valrhona dulce and green tea verrine +
3 macarons (cookies and cream, tiramisu and lamington)

my passionfruit, valrhona dulce and green tea verrine was exquisite. the layers were so so good, and had so many delicious flavours; it went from a little bit of sour from the passionfruit up the top, to sweet to a green tea flavoured bottom layer. the best thing was, it wasn't even one of those 'too-sweet' desserts that you can only eat two bites of and then feel too sick to eat anymore. perfecto.

the honey, apple, feijoa and cinnamon gateau was a lot sweeter in comparison. my first thoughts when the plate came was "omg it's just a big macaroon!" i only had about two bites of this, and it was yum but i don't think i could've eaten the whole thing in one sitting.

even though we ordered just a few desserts, we felt a little bit sick afterwards because it was a little too much sweetness in the late morning/early afternoon. (yes we went at about 12:30pm just to get seats, but by the time we left around 1:15pm, the cute little dessert restaurant was full. too much demand!!!) 

the whole meal costed about $35 and for what we got, we thought it was pretty worth it compared to getting a $14 dessert at the restaurant you're eating dinner at! 

you need to get in early to get seats because if you're not quick, you're getting those desserts to go. 

for fancy, cute little desserts, check out milse
open monday-sunday 10am - late
27 tyler street, britomart

oh wait, did i say giveaway???

if you want to try out milse for yourself or another restaurant in britomart, i'm giving away $50 loaded onto a britomart black card! with this card, there are over 60 stores and restaurants you can redeem it at, so you can use it towards a romantic dinner for you and that special someone or just spend it on yourself!

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the competition ends may 11th at 9pm (gmt+12), so get sharing :) 
*only open to auckland residents, sorry!
good luck! x

3 comments on "REVIEW: MILSE + GIVEAWAY!"
  1. omg the the desserts and drinks look absolutely scrumptious! you should definitely do more food posts haha

    p.s. i stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say hi! :)


    1. hi!!!
      and thank you! i will definitely be doing a lot more food posts :) thanks for dropping by x

  2. awww! if only i lived in Auckland I could enter the comp and also visit that dessert place! YUM! I think i would have liked the gateau coz i have a really big sweet tooth! haha