... so this happened today!!!!
while thinking of the obligatory easter post, i thought of the perfect treat and tweaked it a little bit to include a little easter twist! this is the perfect little dessert/treat and it takes about ten - fifteen minutes to make in total and it tastes  a m a z i n g!!!

hard biscuits (i used chocolate chip cookies because the chocolate in them would melt as well for double the treat! and round wine biscuits 'cause they're my fave)
mini cadbury creme eggs
mini mars eggs

1. cut marshmallows in half and place the sticky end on your biscuits (i made about 8 at a time)
2. line a baking tray with greaseproof paper
3. place these biscuits on the tray about 2 cms apart
4. heat your grill up to a high setting (mine was on the highest setting, you want your marshmallows to burn for a short period of time!) and place your tray in. keep the grill door open and keep a close eye on your marshmallows because they brown very very fast
5. once they are the perfect golden brown, turn your grill off, take the tray out and top with half your preferred choice of easter egg. cutting them in half allows the caramel and creme to flow out more easily and also makes a tastier treat! i've topped my marshmallows with kit kat pieces, mini mars egg, and mini creme eggs. you can use what ever chocolate you prefer!
6. the heat from the marshmallows will melt the chocolate just a little until they're perfect!

i didn't trust myself with making this so i bought toasted marshmallow creme from the supermarket as a back up plan. i didn't need it though! hahaha. let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
happy baking and happy easter x
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