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i feel like i owe all of you an update of what has been happening with my life recently, especially since i haven’t posted in a while. first of all i’m sorry!!!! 

last week i was out at dinner and got back to my friend’s car and saw that the back window was smashed and my school bag, laptop, glasses, keys, and a whole lot of important stuff was taken from the car. looking back, i guess we were lucky that nothing else was stolen because my friend’s bag and laptop were also in the back. after calling the police, i spent all of that night and the next morning changing all my passwords to every single thing i was ever joined up with. it was unfortunate because i had two assignments due the next day and as much as i just wanted to lie in bed and cry, i had to do them without any of my notes. 

my laptop getting taken was literally what hit me the hardest. it was my fault for having no back up (i literally never expected anything like this to happen) but i lost all my photos, memories, uni files, as told by sheena files… 

long story short, i’ve spent the past week trying to get my life sorted after losing so much. i have new prescription glasses coming in the mail, got a new laptop deal, and am slowly trying to recover all my lost uni notes before exams punch me in the face. i am now broke and trying to work my ass off to save and get to where i was before this mess happened. 

the only good thing to come out of this are the lessons i/we can learn:
  • though it seemed heartless at the time, dad told me off for crying and said “no one will pity you if you cry. don’t cry because it doesn’t achieve anything. all you gotta do now is just learn from this and you have so many years ahead of you to do that.” 
  • this hasn’t just been happening to me. over the past week, crime in new zealand has increased: the shooting in ranui, the blessie case, a man cut off a cat’s paw (HOW COULD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS BY THE WAY)… and i’ve heard from people around me: a friend had her house broken into and jewellery and a camera was stolen, and another guy had his laptop and school bag taken after his car was broken into. as safe as we think auckland is, it isn’t. and this is literally a plea to everyone reading this, learn from my experience and take all your valuables with you everywhere or leave it locked up at home. the one time i decide to leave my stuff in the car, it gets stolen. please, it might be heavy carrying it all around uni, but at least you know it’s safe with you. 
  • “life doesn’t stop for anybody.” it doesn’t. no matter how much we want to just pause time and just wallow in our sorrows for a little while, life goes on. as sad as it sounds, you have to too. i'm totally an emotional person though and i'm all for crying out your sorrows. do it. it's good for you, but don't dwell on it. that part isn't good for you. give yourself time to cry, but remember to move on and be happy too.
  • “what we do does not define who we are. what defines us is how well we rise after falling.” this quote hit hard, because after everything that has happened (and i feel like i am talking to myself here), if you can still rise up from an all time low, you show not just everyone around you how strong you can be, but you prove it to yourself. and that should be what matters. 
  • back up, back up, back up everything!!!! i should know this from taking design in high school. my life will literally now be on an external hard drive that no one can ever take away from me.
  • hard work, determination, motivation. three things that will get me through this semester and back to where i was before this happened. i can do it!!!!!!

sorry for the super long post this week. i hope you understand my absence! and i will keep posting. something like this won't stop me, i promise.




a while ago, we went to faro in newmarket and got the "ara" set menu for two people. 

this included (please excuse my inability to describe what each thing was): jeon, faro salad, ojingo-o salad, various meats: galbi (marinated beef), mok sam gyeop (pork scotch), se-wu gui (2 piece prawn) and dak gui (marinated chicken). bibimbap came after and we finished with a dessert (green tea icecream) each!

the food was good, but going out to eat korean barbecue, i expected a lot more meat than there actually was! this set menu in particular had way too much salad and greens for my liking and not enough meat. the meat was amazing while it lasted but was gone in about ten minutes, whereas at the end of the meal we had a lot of salad left to eat with nothing in particular.

i'm not too sure if the staff did this because we didn't look korean or we looked new to the place, but they literally stayed with us and cooked our meat for us. it's good in a way, but this meant about ten minutes of awkward silence just eating and waiting for the waitress to leave. i wish they showed us how to cook each meat, and left us to it instead of doing everything for us though. i'm super used to cheaper buffet korean barbecues where you cook the meat yourselves and have so much more freedom. 

this was a nice change and the meat was nice, but for $40 per person i don't think this set menu is worth it unless you're a big fan of greens! i'll settle for unlimited meat at a cheaper korean barbecue next time, but faro is definitely worth the experience! 

let me know your experiences with faro in the comments below! x

faro restaurant, traditional korean grill
49 nuffield street, newmarket
Mon - Sat11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sun11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm



(xinyi, the winner of last week's giveaway spent her $50 wisely at ortolana! this looks grand! and happy birthday mark!)

1. last week i made a very impulsive decision after class on wednesday and purchased a camera. nikon d3200 with a nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens. i am so happy and so excited for life in hd! i hope to be able to show you all higher quality photos that will blow your minds away. eek.
2. finally caught up with two amazing people who came to see me after work one night! we caught up a little walking around kmart and looking at the most adorable kiddie clothing. they also bought me a mango smoothie and hot and sour soup for dinner! thank you so much!
3. for all your tumbling satisfaction, did i mention as told by sheena has her own tumblr page now
4. this isn't really good news but two of my tv shows ended this week and i am both happy and sad and i really just don't know how to feel right now!!!! (twitter literally told me those episodes were the finales and i cried just a little). more sad right now because now i have to wait months until the upcoming seasons air on tv. new girl and reign fans, please talk to me. also survivor's finale is next week as well i literally can't deal with all my shows ending at the same time. suggestions for new shows?
6. went to rad cafe one lunch break and had the vietnamese pork roll. wish i was hungry enough to try more of their other dishes because they sound amazing!
7. purchasing a ticket means nothing until you actually start planning activities! i am so excited because this holiday is happening!!!
8. i finally got a pillow pet. we are matching.
9. my life doesn't feel right when i haven't seen a movie for a while. we went to see godzilla today! not my first choice of movie, but it was actually pretty good! godzilla has cute chubby legs.

have a good week everyone! x




so whenever i'm left alone to make food for myself, i normally cook noodles. and we were out. of. noodles. we honestly had no food in the house but we had some left over bread from last time so i made something like this and surprisingly it actually tasted really good!!! asian fusion let's go.

barbecue pork + scrambled eggs + avocado on toast

1. because the barbecue pork was pre-cooked, i literally just fried it a little on the pan with a bit of olive oil.
2. scramble eggs slowly over low heat so they don't overcook!! they'll end up nice and fluffy.
3. cut slices of avocado - you can even mash it up and spread it on your slice of toast before adding the eggs on top. so many different ways to enjoy avocado!
4. decorate the slices of toast how you want and enjoy!

such an easy recipe and a lot healthier than instant noodles! a lot nicer too. a perk of being a daughter to my mumma and dad -- we almost always have barbecue pork in the fridge.

hope you all are having a great week! x



1. how beautiful is this watch?! had it finally delivered on friday to my doorstep! so so so exciting. ugh the detailing and the gold and the white and everything about it is perfect. 
2. thursday night blessed me because even though work was crazy with mother's day fast approaching, i got to stay at the grand hotel for a night with some friends! look at the sky tower! we were all busy doing work/writing assignments/pretending cushions were bazookas but we ate all night. literally.
3. i was working mother's day this year but we had a family dinner at night with extended family and it was good! my cousin spilt red wine on the carpet and dad wasn't even fussed! if i did it i'm sure it would've been a different story though...
4. i did a personality test. this is me.
5. this paella recipe. i can't even deal. so many colours!!!! i want it. 
6. saw bad neighbours tonight and it was so good! zac efron and dave franco *u* and also stella is literally the cutest baby alive. 
7. check out this awesome video my friend made! takes some real talent to edit videos and know about all that camera jazz. easter camp highlights 2014. i miss tribal wars!!! 
8. went to a restaurant today and ate lots and lots of food. ended it with the green tea icecream above. yum. that post will come later on in the week! watch this space!
9. molly makes me want to live on a farm.
10. the giveaway ended yesterday night! exciting exciting exciting news! the winner for the $50 britomart black card is... xinyi zhu! please message me with your mailing address :) 

have a good good week everyone! x



it's been another exhausting week with uni and work and i'm still drinking tonnes and tonnes of caffeine, but by this time next week three assignments will be out of the way! hooray.

1. first off, how cute are these bird cages?!??! i got told to cut them off the bags at work and throw them out but i was allowed to keep them! i don't even know what to do with them yet but it was such a waste not to keep them!
2. i made these for brunch one day and showed molly yeh and she commented on my blog post!!!!!!!! sorry fan girling here. she is my inspiration! argh i can't.
3. if you haven't heard this song yet, you need to! it's been on repeat forever. also how perfect is this live version??!? the real music video is a bit strange for me but i love these raw versions of songs so much better anyway. i've also seen stan walker live and he is actually that good! so much respect.
4. i'm also obsessed with this song and i only recently saw the music video and i love love love love it. such a good love story. (i'm also seeing him live in october!!!!!!!!) 

"i think it's like a very brave thing to look for love, to fall in love and to ask someone to love you back."

"love finds you." 
"yeah, it finds you."

5. i booked (am in the process of booking) a holiday with some friends in semester break! i'm so excited i can't even deal.* 
6. one thing that stood out as well this week were the super nice comments my friends wrote when sharing my blog post! some even shared a link to my blog and said the nicest things. guys, i'm honestly so grateful for every single one of you. i can not thank you enough!
7. i've had about three packets of haribo lollies this week. they're my new faves.
8. i learned to jungle with warwick and now i looooove it. my friend also made a ranked team called slaughter angles. we were [slang3] in game omg. i can't. it was so fun even though we lost and had no tanks whatsoever haha! 
9. game of thrones is out and i'm going to watch it in bed with a cup of tea. it's kinda sad but i look forward to sleeping every night now. so. sleep. deprived.
10. #astoldbysheena

*so much editing had to be done to this post because i had too many exclamation points everywhere and it looked too messy. i got so excited writing this up! 

happy may and happy monday! x



i set out with this mission in my head today to make mum the most amazing mince on toast brunch. i even went to the supermarket, got all the ingredients i needed and i.. cooked the mince weird and it didn't look too great (hence no photo). mum's still amazing though, she ate it and she was still happy that i made her brunch! aw.

this was my back up plan and it was so easy to make and so cute as well! i adapted this from molly yeh.
and it tasted so good! i had my yolk a little bit runny and spread it all along the slice of bread. mum ate her mince + egg sandwich and even had another one of these. 

mission accomplished???

when i had a little bit of extra time this week, i went out to buy mini cooking/baking utensils that i am so excited to use!!!! hopefully you will all be able to see cute little treats soon  

hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! x