i feel like i owe all of you an update of what has been happening with my life recently, especially since i haven’t posted in a while. first of all i’m sorry!!!! 

last week i was out at dinner and got back to my friend’s car and saw that the back window was smashed and my school bag, laptop, glasses, keys, and a whole lot of important stuff was taken from the car. looking back, i guess we were lucky that nothing else was stolen because my friend’s bag and laptop were also in the back. after calling the police, i spent all of that night and the next morning changing all my passwords to every single thing i was ever joined up with. it was unfortunate because i had two assignments due the next day and as much as i just wanted to lie in bed and cry, i had to do them without any of my notes. 

my laptop getting taken was literally what hit me the hardest. it was my fault for having no back up (i literally never expected anything like this to happen) but i lost all my photos, memories, uni files, as told by sheena files… 

long story short, i’ve spent the past week trying to get my life sorted after losing so much. i have new prescription glasses coming in the mail, got a new laptop deal, and am slowly trying to recover all my lost uni notes before exams punch me in the face. i am now broke and trying to work my ass off to save and get to where i was before this mess happened. 

the only good thing to come out of this are the lessons i/we can learn:
  • though it seemed heartless at the time, dad told me off for crying and said “no one will pity you if you cry. don’t cry because it doesn’t achieve anything. all you gotta do now is just learn from this and you have so many years ahead of you to do that.” 
  • this hasn’t just been happening to me. over the past week, crime in new zealand has increased: the shooting in ranui, the blessie case, a man cut off a cat’s paw (HOW COULD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS BY THE WAY)… and i’ve heard from people around me: a friend had her house broken into and jewellery and a camera was stolen, and another guy had his laptop and school bag taken after his car was broken into. as safe as we think auckland is, it isn’t. and this is literally a plea to everyone reading this, learn from my experience and take all your valuables with you everywhere or leave it locked up at home. the one time i decide to leave my stuff in the car, it gets stolen. please, it might be heavy carrying it all around uni, but at least you know it’s safe with you. 
  • “life doesn’t stop for anybody.” it doesn’t. no matter how much we want to just pause time and just wallow in our sorrows for a little while, life goes on. as sad as it sounds, you have to too. i'm totally an emotional person though and i'm all for crying out your sorrows. do it. it's good for you, but don't dwell on it. that part isn't good for you. give yourself time to cry, but remember to move on and be happy too.
  • “what we do does not define who we are. what defines us is how well we rise after falling.” this quote hit hard, because after everything that has happened (and i feel like i am talking to myself here), if you can still rise up from an all time low, you show not just everyone around you how strong you can be, but you prove it to yourself. and that should be what matters. 
  • back up, back up, back up everything!!!! i should know this from taking design in high school. my life will literally now be on an external hard drive that no one can ever take away from me.
  • hard work, determination, motivation. three things that will get me through this semester and back to where i was before this happened. i can do it!!!!!!

sorry for the super long post this week. i hope you understand my absence! and i will keep posting. something like this won't stop me, i promise.

  1. oh my gosh i'm sorry to hear about what happened! i don't understand why people would do such awful things, makes me so mad sometimes.

    i'm glad that you're able to swiftly get back on track with everything you lost. your optimism is quite refreshing!

    thank you for the update and i wish you luck on your exams! :)

    1. thank you! and i'm trying my best to be optimistic haha :)

  2. awww Sheena :( so sorry to here that....but im really happy you can see the positives from it =) and thank God nothing happened to you guys~ thanks for sharing your life lessons! so we can all learn from it!

    1. i know definitely! thank God. it could've been a lot worse! you're welcome and thanks for reading :3

  3. :( sad to hear about this sheena!! but i love, love, love how, from the sounds of things, you're trying to think positively and not let what happened crush you down :) best of luck to ya and i believe you can make it good this semester!! :D

    1. thank you i'm trying haha! and good luck to you too for exams! they're so near!!!! :(