so whenever i'm left alone to make food for myself, i normally cook noodles. and we were out. of. noodles. we honestly had no food in the house but we had some left over bread from last time so i made something like this and surprisingly it actually tasted really good!!! asian fusion let's go.

barbecue pork + scrambled eggs + avocado on toast

1. because the barbecue pork was pre-cooked, i literally just fried it a little on the pan with a bit of olive oil.
2. scramble eggs slowly over low heat so they don't overcook!! they'll end up nice and fluffy.
3. cut slices of avocado - you can even mash it up and spread it on your slice of toast before adding the eggs on top. so many different ways to enjoy avocado!
4. decorate the slices of toast how you want and enjoy!

such an easy recipe and a lot healthier than instant noodles! a lot nicer too. a perk of being a daughter to my mumma and dad -- we almost always have barbecue pork in the fridge.

hope you all are having a great week! x

2 comments on "BARBECUE PORK ON TOAST"
  1. Sheena, these look amazing! If I promise to bring one of my chocolate desserts can I try one of these open sandwiches?

    1. thank you for commenting geoff! what a compliment. :) your chocolate desserts look amaaaaaazing! i'd take that deal on anyday!