it's been another exhausting week with uni and work and i'm still drinking tonnes and tonnes of caffeine, but by this time next week three assignments will be out of the way! hooray.

1. first off, how cute are these bird cages?!??! i got told to cut them off the bags at work and throw them out but i was allowed to keep them! i don't even know what to do with them yet but it was such a waste not to keep them!
2. i made these for brunch one day and showed molly yeh and she commented on my blog post!!!!!!!! sorry fan girling here. she is my inspiration! argh i can't.
3. if you haven't heard this song yet, you need to! it's been on repeat forever. also how perfect is this live version??!? the real music video is a bit strange for me but i love these raw versions of songs so much better anyway. i've also seen stan walker live and he is actually that good! so much respect.
4. i'm also obsessed with this song and i only recently saw the music video and i love love love love it. such a good love story. (i'm also seeing him live in october!!!!!!!!) 

"i think it's like a very brave thing to look for love, to fall in love and to ask someone to love you back."

"love finds you." 
"yeah, it finds you."

5. i booked (am in the process of booking) a holiday with some friends in semester break! i'm so excited i can't even deal.* 
6. one thing that stood out as well this week were the super nice comments my friends wrote when sharing my blog post! some even shared a link to my blog and said the nicest things. guys, i'm honestly so grateful for every single one of you. i can not thank you enough!
7. i've had about three packets of haribo lollies this week. they're my new faves.
8. i learned to jungle with warwick and now i looooove it. my friend also made a ranked team called slaughter angles. we were [slang3] in game omg. i can't. it was so fun even though we lost and had no tanks whatsoever haha! 
9. game of thrones is out and i'm going to watch it in bed with a cup of tea. it's kinda sad but i look forward to sleeping every night now. so. sleep. deprived.
10. #astoldbysheena

*so much editing had to be done to this post because i had too many exclamation points everywhere and it looked too messy. i got so excited writing this up! 

happy may and happy monday! x

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