(xinyi, the winner of last week's giveaway spent her $50 wisely at ortolana! this looks grand! and happy birthday mark!)

1. last week i made a very impulsive decision after class on wednesday and purchased a camera. nikon d3200 with a nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens. i am so happy and so excited for life in hd! i hope to be able to show you all higher quality photos that will blow your minds away. eek.
2. finally caught up with two amazing people who came to see me after work one night! we caught up a little walking around kmart and looking at the most adorable kiddie clothing. they also bought me a mango smoothie and hot and sour soup for dinner! thank you so much!
3. for all your tumbling satisfaction, did i mention as told by sheena has her own tumblr page now
4. this isn't really good news but two of my tv shows ended this week and i am both happy and sad and i really just don't know how to feel right now!!!! (twitter literally told me those episodes were the finales and i cried just a little). more sad right now because now i have to wait months until the upcoming seasons air on tv. new girl and reign fans, please talk to me. also survivor's finale is next week as well i literally can't deal with all my shows ending at the same time. suggestions for new shows?
6. went to rad cafe one lunch break and had the vietnamese pork roll. wish i was hungry enough to try more of their other dishes because they sound amazing!
7. purchasing a ticket means nothing until you actually start planning activities! i am so excited because this holiday is happening!!!
8. i finally got a pillow pet. we are matching.
9. my life doesn't feel right when i haven't seen a movie for a while. we went to see godzilla today! not my first choice of movie, but it was actually pretty good! godzilla has cute chubby legs.

have a good week everyone! x

2 comments on "CHEER ME UP MONDAY"
  1. i've never caught up with reign cos of stupid uni :(

    1. omg! noooo :'( you're missing out! save some time for yourself to relax and watch it :)