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i've found some time to blog! after my first exam. i wasn't up to doing more studying afterwards so i did some procrastibaking. i guess you can kinda tell that i haven't done any baking in a looooong time...

i went shopping after my exam today and ended up having to make two trips to the supermarket after getting home and realising we literally had no baking ingredients at home at all! also my oven is ancient so baking took a lot longer than the recipe recommended haha. you can see that we're not much of a baking family...

i made a malteser vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and the cool thing is i got to use my mini cake tins! baking brings me back memories of when my sister used to bake and i used to open the oven every minute to see the treats rise up. yum! also the smell of baking... mmm.

i pretty much combined this cake recipe with this cream cheese icing to make this tower cake! mum and dad liked it too! dad liking it was a huge compliment because he doesn't even eat sweet food. winning!

i'm going to eat it for dessert with a side of custard while watching the play back of the mexico vs. cameroon fifa match! have a good week, eat lots of food and watch the world cup!!!!


   this week's cheer me up monday is going to mainly be about one of my current obsessions: the fault in our stars. i'm sorry in advance for my fan girling.

1. lectures were over last week! hooray! and twenty days from today, i will officially be on holiday! there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!
2. i live for the acoustic versions of songs! one direction released a piano version of their latest hit "you and i" and i love love love it.
3. it was donut day on friday, and stephanie from i am a food blog made waffled donuts!!! dying. waffles + donuts = heaven.
4. i have become so invested into zoe and alfie's lives it's probably unhealthy. they play the sims together and who ever thought watching other people play sims would be fun?!?!?! well, me and like a hundred thousand other people.
5. now getting to the main point of this post, i saw the fault in our stars yesterday night and i cried at exactly the same point i did in the book! haha the movie actually follows the book quite well (since when does that ever happen though) and i was so so happy with the movie! the quotes were all there, ansel elgort surprisingly did an amazing job at playing gus, and there were so many other people in the cinema who got so involved with the movie they were sobbing (quite loudly). i love the story so much and i 100% recommend this movie!!!
6. following on from the last point, can i just broadcast my love for jamie mcdell's song that she wrote through her inspiration from the fault in our stars book?!?!?!?!?! the best thing is that jamie is actually a singer-songwriter from new zealand! and from my hometown!!! so much love for her and her crazy talent. anyway this song, i actually found it a few weeks before watching the movie, and it made me want to watch the movie so much more! it has been on repeat the entire night. everything about it is so perfect: the lyrics, the video, jamie... it's called "it's time" and you can listen to her song here.
7. john green the author of the fault in our stars vlogs and talks about loving the movie as well! he also shows up in this teens react to tfios video and the girl that fan girls when john green shows up = me.
8. what i do every time i watch something crazy (i.e. the red wedding, the himym finale and in this case the fault in our stars) i tumblr search it. there are so many reactions (the red wedding one was the best though) and i could be entertained for hours! the best thing is knowing that millions of other people feel the same way you do! you should all do this after watching it though because spoilers!!!!
9. i already had one written in my list book but i'm starting to compile my bucket list online! since this is an adventure blog as well, i thought it would be relevant to share my to do list with you all and be able to tick them off together. i'd love to hear all the cool things on your bucket lists too!!!!
10. wouldn't be a post written by me if it didn't have a cute animal .gif in it. this is my all time favourite animal gif!

go watch the fault in our stars and have an amazing week! x



happy june!!! and happy end of assignments to me! 

i always look forward to this time every semester; when all my assignments are over and i can just start focusing on studying for exams! it's like a sigh of relief every time i reach this point in the semester. i celebrated it though. i thought i deserved a little something. (if you still have assignments due, keep at it!! i believe in you and go treat yourselves afterwards because uni is hard! really hard.)

so i bought a coupon off grabone, and for those of you who don't already know you can get some pretty cheap deals off this site for food, dining, activities, massages... but with some dining deals, you can get some real good and cheap ones, and with some you can get just cheap ones that aren't too good... at all.
i'm starting off a coupon eats on the side for us students (because who doesn't like cheap and good food!?!!?) and hopefully let you know some really cool and cheap restaurants!
this coupon was $29 for two people for a three course peking duck meal at the sands restaurant. so after having real good experiences with peking duck (it's amazing for those of you who haven't tried), i went to this dinner with really high expectations with the peking duck wraps and also the lettuce wraps in mind. unfortunately, the three course meal we got given was completely different to what i thought..
starter: soup with tofu and bok choy
main course: peking duck wraps
dessert: coconut milk with tapioca and a side of fruit
the soup was average -- tasted exactly like what it is. we did get a generous helping though. we could've had like four bowls each and there still would've been some left over.

i've looked this up and authentic peking duck serves mainly the crispy skin with little meat for the wraps. at the sands, we pretty much got half a duck (meat + skin included). not really authentic peking duck, but i mean it still tasted good! 

this dinner didn't really fulfil my expectations but it was filling, the main course was good, and for about $15 each, we were happy. not too sure if we would come back here without a coupon though.
let me know about your past/future experiences of this restaurant below! 

933 new north road, mt albert

open: 11am - 10pm mon-sun
everyone also needs to check out this gif.
hope your week is going well! x