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this is one day late but i literally have the best reason because today i had the best pasta ever!!!! it looks like a normal pasta but the penne pavarotti at mamma mia was so good! the portion sizes were huge, the pasta that was meant to be spicy was actually spicy enough to impress my tastebuds, and the order came super quickly. there was like a little kitchen up the front of the restaurant where the chef actually makes the pizza in front of you (sorta). maybe i was super nosy but i could see him making the pizzas from my table haha!

mamma mia restaurant
51 tamaki drive
mission bay, akld

cheer me up:
1. i have finished my first week of semester two and everything is looking good! it's going to be a lot of work in the semester with about three/five of my papers being group orientated. hello new team mates + hopefully new friends! i promise not to be weird.
3. i saw transformers: age of extinction the other night! the movie went on for way too long but the whole movie i was literally just appreciating how big mark wahlberg's arms were (!!!)
4. i love love love cute little usb sticks and i found this one the other day! too bad it wasn't mine to keep. it matched my iphone case!
5. yes yes yes one pot pastas! perfect for students who have no time, or are simply too lazy.
6. molly from mynameisyeh is getting married and this makes me so excited because marriage is so exciting and i can't wait to see the people around me get married and get dressed up and get cute wedding photos!!!! also i want to a bridesmaid. please.
7. omg i love buzzfeed! these guilt-free popsicles look too good to be true. i can't wait til summer!
8. whittaker's hundreds and thousands chocolate is finally out! i haven't even purchased a block for myself yet, but a friend brought a block to work and i got to try it last week! it's pink white chocolate with bits of cookie and hundreds and thousands in. it tastes amazing in little portions but it tastes too sweet eating too much at once! portions!!!

try the new hundreds and thousands chocolate, and have an amazing week! x

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some of you already might know since i've changed both my cover photos on facebook to this, but this is one of my favourites from queenstown! taken from the top of the luge, i kind of just think "tumblr" when i see this! new zealand is crazy beautiful and i am so happy and thankful to be living in this beautiful country!

the past week has seen my semester break coming to a sad end, as well as my holiday down in queenstown. regardless, i've made some unforgettable memories and seen some amazing views that will keep me happy for a long time. 

before i start this week's cheer me up monday, i would like to share something a close friend of mine is doing for her birthday. sacrificing her big twenty-first birthday party, she has chosen to do something a little more special this year. did you know over 800 million people in the world don't have access to clean water? there are millions of kids all over the world who do not even live to see their fifth birthday because of the lack of access to clean and safe water. realising this, it seems almost cruel to be throwing our money away purchasing things we don't need. my friend's birthday wish this year is to sacrifice all the money that would have been spent towards a big dinner, presents, drinks, to all go towards this cause. don't worry, you don't have to know her to donate because the cool thing is, anyone can donate and every cent donated goes towards funding clean water projects! which means if you sacrifice tomorrow's cup of coffee, the entire price of your coffee goes straight towards helping those without get clean water!!! even $5 could go a long way for those who aren't as fortunate as us. 

you can donate to the cause here.

1. sometimes when things get too much and you need to relax, i like going here
2. i'm super lucky to have gotten sick after my holiday than during it. i have found out that i do not handle the cold very well. 
3. i might have mentioned this before, but last semester was one where i really struggled to manage my time between work and uni. because of that, my marks in one paper in particular suffered and i was afraid of failing the course. the grades for it came on while i was on the mountain snowboarding, and after pulling a friend aside for moral support while i checked, i found out that i passed. with more than a c grade! thank god!
4. a new semester of uni means a new start, new books, new stationery... and an empty wallet. 
5. i celebrated passing my paper by getting a new iphone case. it's cute.

have an amazing week! x

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the activity i was looking forward to the most in queenstown was the milford sounds cruise that we had booked a few weeks before going down! milford sounds is known to be the most beautiful place in new zealand (could just be opinions, but i certainly agree). 

we went on a coach for a five hour drive with a funny (and very sarcastic) bus driver who gave us information about our journey. i was asleep most of the time (it was so early in the morning!) but the tour was informative and really interesting! we stopped in te anau, knobs flat, and the chasm for a few photos along the way. at the chasm, i made friends with a kea. look at it!!!! so cute.

and then we got to milford sounds...

it felt super hard taking landscape photos with a 35mm lens and i don't feel like my photos do milford sounds justice. i so recommend going to milford sounds once in your lifetime! it's beauty is not something you can miss out on.

looking back at my photos of queenstown, i am still so overwhelmed at the beauty of new zealand. i am so proud to be able to call this country home!! can we also just keep in mind that this was where major blockbuster movies were filmed i.e. lord of the rings, the wolverine, prince caspian? ah-mazing.

number thirteen can now be crossed off my bucket list!!! so happy!
who has been to milford sounds before? x

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the wakatipu grill was the most recommended restaurant of the hilton in queenstown and we went here for dinner on the first night of our queenstown adventure! the restaurant was popular and we had to grab a booking at 8pm. we finished around 10:30, all of our tummies full and happy.

we started our meal with a loaf, with three dipping sauces.
for my main, it was the first time i had food prepared sous vide. i learnt that this was a process where meat was sealed in an airtight bag in a water bath and cooked to the right temperature. my steak was amazing. i want to say that this was the best steak i've ever eaten but that's such a big claim!!!!!! this steak was the best steak i've ever eaten yet. i also got a side of green beans, which was roasted to perfection.

a lot of my friends ordered the salmon dish for their mains. it was served with greens and pineapple and the presentation looked beautiful. they loved their dish as well!

we ordered two desserts. one came in the cutest little jar and was a cheesecake. the other was a selection of different sorbets and gelato. it also came with shortbread on the side. the food presentation at wakatipu grill is amazing! seriously i am so impressed!

this was an amazing start to our food adventure down in the south island! even the smallest of us, finished her meal first. crazy. all of us demolished our plates, and to top the dinner off we had an amazing waiter! the service is very good here and we all tipped the waiter we had! he deserved it all. i fully recommend this restaurant on a trip down to queenstown!!!

Click to add a blog post for Wakatipu Grill - Hilton Hotel on Zomato 

wakatipu grill
hilton hotel
79 peninsula road,

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long time no monday post! 
this post is late because i haven't been home, but better late than never right? 

1. the first highlight since the last post has to be getting through exams this semester. this has literally been the hardest semester yet, even though i've done five papers three other semesters before this. even though i was doing four papers this semester, i took on a lot more work shifts, and trying to find a perfect work/uni/life balance was super hard. i'm glad this semester is behind me now!
2. i stumbled upon this site which explains how to make pancakes with your ricecooker. (!!!)
3. i. found. my. size. in. nike. roshes. can i just explain how hard it is to find a size six in these shoes?! i didn't even get my first pick (i wanted the black and white classic ones) but i'm so so happy with these ones!!! 
4. the other day, a friend of mine told me she was following my cheer me up monday posts and asked me where my recent post was. it was such a pleasant surprise to actually know and get told that i have people looking forward to these posts!!!! 
5. after working five days in a row, i got two days off to hang out with some close friends! what a nice break. we had a movie night where we ate all. the. time. i finally got to try out the one metre long pizzas from toto's. yum!!!
6. the last time i had a cheer me up monday post was before i took my restricted driving test. i was really reluctant to tell anyone about my test just because so many people have failed the new restricted testing! luckily i had the nicest instructor and passed me! hooray!
7. 22 jump street. that is all.
8. finding out about this cute little store.
9. superfruit's new video. even when they're trying to sing out of tune, it still sounds good. w h a t
10. since holidays began, i've started reading again! re-reading one of my childhood loves: harry potter. also this buzzfeed page explaining the importance of reading the harry potter books as well as watching the movies. 

see you all next monday when i'll be in queenstown!!!!
wishing you all an amazing week! x

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i'm going to queenstown in just over a week!

after exams finished, my life has been a mixture of mostly work + shopping for the trip. i've been way too excited to buy new things but in order to rest my guilty conscience, everything i buy has a reason behind the purchase. no impulse shopping (!!)

queenstown essentials:

- nikon d3200 + nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens (photos photos photos)
- thermals (kathmandu)
- puffy down jacket (kathmandu)
- nike roshe shoes (platypus)
- satchel bag (the iconic)
- jeans (junkfood f/ wildpair)
- ponte pants (glassons)
- long sleeves // basics (dotti)
- lucas papaw ointment // for dry lips
- this fruit infuser bottle // to keep hydrated and to make me drink water because that's something i don't do (!!!)
- pillow pet // for cuddles + the plane
- dad's fluffy ugg beanie (ugg)

in need of:
- these giant marshmallows // if anyone knows where to get these in auckland please let me know!!!
- board games / card games / games that are fun and not too heavy to take down (recommendations?)
- good movies to watch! (recommendations?!)

hope everyone is having a good holiday! x

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