this is one day late but i literally have the best reason because today i had the best pasta ever!!!! it looks like a normal pasta but the penne pavarotti at mamma mia was so good! the portion sizes were huge, the pasta that was meant to be spicy was actually spicy enough to impress my tastebuds, and the order came super quickly. there was like a little kitchen up the front of the restaurant where the chef actually makes the pizza in front of you (sorta). maybe i was super nosy but i could see him making the pizzas from my table haha!

mamma mia restaurant
51 tamaki drive
mission bay, akld

cheer me up:
1. i have finished my first week of semester two and everything is looking good! it's going to be a lot of work in the semester with about three/five of my papers being group orientated. hello new team mates + hopefully new friends! i promise not to be weird.
3. i saw transformers: age of extinction the other night! the movie went on for way too long but the whole movie i was literally just appreciating how big mark wahlberg's arms were (!!!)
4. i love love love cute little usb sticks and i found this one the other day! too bad it wasn't mine to keep. it matched my iphone case!
5. yes yes yes one pot pastas! perfect for students who have no time, or are simply too lazy.
6. molly from mynameisyeh is getting married and this makes me so excited because marriage is so exciting and i can't wait to see the people around me get married and get dressed up and get cute wedding photos!!!! also i want to a bridesmaid. please.
7. omg i love buzzfeed! these guilt-free popsicles look too good to be true. i can't wait til summer!
8. whittaker's hundreds and thousands chocolate is finally out! i haven't even purchased a block for myself yet, but a friend brought a block to work and i got to try it last week! it's pink white chocolate with bits of cookie and hundreds and thousands in. it tastes amazing in little portions but it tastes too sweet eating too much at once! portions!!!

try the new hundreds and thousands chocolate, and have an amazing week! x

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