i'm going to queenstown in just over a week!

after exams finished, my life has been a mixture of mostly work + shopping for the trip. i've been way too excited to buy new things but in order to rest my guilty conscience, everything i buy has a reason behind the purchase. no impulse shopping (!!)

queenstown essentials:

- nikon d3200 + nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens (photos photos photos)
- thermals (kathmandu)
- puffy down jacket (kathmandu)
- nike roshe shoes (platypus)
- satchel bag (the iconic)
- jeans (junkfood f/ wildpair)
- ponte pants (glassons)
- long sleeves // basics (dotti)
- lucas papaw ointment // for dry lips
- this fruit infuser bottle // to keep hydrated and to make me drink water because that's something i don't do (!!!)
- pillow pet // for cuddles + the plane
- dad's fluffy ugg beanie (ugg)

in need of:
- these giant marshmallows // if anyone knows where to get these in auckland please let me know!!!
- board games / card games / games that are fun and not too heavy to take down (recommendations?)
- good movies to watch! (recommendations?!)

hope everyone is having a good holiday! x

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3 comments on "TWO QUEENSTOWN LISTS"
  1. Where did you get the fruit infuser bottle? I wanna get one! Also, a mean game to bring down is monopoly deal. It's like monopoly in card form and it's soooo good!

    1. oh no i didn't know you'd be keen! it was a groupy deal and it was like $20??? for one and like 2 for $30. i just got the one. :(
      i looked forever for one of these bottles! keep looking on groupy but it's so good!!! i made a grapefruit/lemon/honey water today. yum.

  2. those shoes are so nice! I have the green pair and I'm now tempted to get the ones you have. Great style!