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"one cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well."
- virginia woolf

i've been dying to go to ponsonby central for so long and i finally got the chance to go today after handing in an essay at eleven. nevermind the fact that i've got two more tests tomorrow...

we had brunch at foxtrot parlour, a cute little cafe known for their donuts you can inject fillings into! 

we ordered a mocha each, and i got the henhouse raid: famous creamy scrambled eggs with toast and house chutney + free range bacon for $17.50, and v got the morroccan lamb pie which came with a side of salad for $8. for dessert we got the foiyo donuts!!! one with the valrhona chocolate filling and the other with the bay leaf infused vanilla custard, at $6 each.

my meal came with one slice of toast, a stick of butter and what looked to be about four eggs worth of scrambled eggs. the toast was thick, but i felt like there just wasn't enough in comparison to the amount of eggs i had! on the morroccan lamb pie, v said "it was good, but it wasn't astounding." those exact words. the main dishes that we had were exactly that: good, but nothing special.

the donuts!!!!!!
... mine exploded. sorry for the unsightly view. i didn't know how to inject the donut, and there wasn't any pre-made hole that gave me any clues on how to proceed. i ended up completely pushing all the custard out of the syringe and it all just exploded. nevertheless, it was good! the donuts were a bit dry and definitely needed the fillings. the valrhona chocolate would be perfect for any chocolate lover (which unfortunately, is not me). 

overall, the donuts are worth the experience and i'm super excited to go explore the rest of ponsonby central! 

who else has been to foxtrot parlour and tried the donuts??!?! 
let me know in the comments below x

foxtrot parlour
ponsonby central market
7 richmond road,

p: (09) 378 7268

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 meet fresh, a popular asian dessert store has just recently opened in auckland! 
these desserts are literally everywhere on social media.

after seeing several photos on facebook, i managed to force my friends to come with me after dinner one night. little did i know we would be waiting for two hours. 

the wait was horrible. one person kept taking mass orders and the rest of the staff were making orders ever so slowly. that being said, they are a new store with new desserts and most likely new staff members who are struggling to remember how to make each dessert. i'll give them that. 

a customer who had enough of the long wait however, decided to make a scene in front of everyone in the store. i don't really blame her though, the person taking the orders was telling everyone the wait would be thirty minutes and after waiting an hour and a half she had had enough and wanted her money back. 

when the food finally came, our appetites were ruined by the long wait. the dessert is good, but if you don't have a burning desire to try authentic taiwanese desserts, i strongly suggest waiting a few more weeks until the hype dies down a bit. it's definitely worth it if you're not waiting in a queue of a hundred people. 

we got two of the signature meet fresh herbal jelly desserts with herbal ice, taro balls and coffee cream, taro balls dessert five (taro balls, honey beans, jelly and tapioca pearls), and taro balls dessert six (sweet potato balls, taro balls, noodle jelly and tapioca pearls) and a pearl milk tea

i didn't have a good experience here, but lucky the food was authentic and tasted good!

overall, the food is great and worth a try once the queues are all gone!!!!
this little dessert store is going to do very well.

let me know your thoughts when you have tried these desserts! x

meet fresh
8 lorne street,
auckland cbd

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dreaming of the warmth of summer, longer days and being able to swim in the ocean without feeling like you've just submerged yourself in a big ice bucket.

i don't handle cold very well. i found that out the hard way, freezing in queenstown even with five layers including thermals and a puffer jacket. was i doing something wrong? 

my sister has sent me snaps of her weekend in chicago, and she's having fun at a beach just casually watching a sandcastle competition take place. look at this teenage mutant ninja turtle(!!!)


today was the first day i had off in a long time and apart from catching up on a long list of uni work, i finally got to make a little something something. 

a few weeks ago, everyone got a little crazy over a new chocolate that came out: whittakers hundreds and thousands!!! i don't blame everyone -- i'm crazy about hundreds and thousands cookies (as seen on the first ever cmu monday!) 

today i made chocolate chip, marshmallow, hundreds and thousands whittakers chocolate + funfetti cookies. what a mix! what's great about them is that they're chewy and moist instead of cookies that are hard and almost-burnt... yum!

i'm off to have a mini milk and cookie party with my load of uni assignments. 
have an amazing week!!!! x

*edit: for those who are interested in the recipe, i used this betty crocker soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie and tweaked it a little in terms of the serving sizes and added in my own little chocolate pieces, marshmallows and hundreds and thousands sprinkles! it turns out soft and like my biffle said "these are like subway cookies! yum!" 

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this is what i do when i need some happiness in my life.

i have found and linked above some of the cutest/funniest animal .gifs 
that i hope will bring a smile to your face like they did to mine!!! 

pug photo sourced from weheartit.

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