today was the first day i had off in a long time and apart from catching up on a long list of uni work, i finally got to make a little something something. 

a few weeks ago, everyone got a little crazy over a new chocolate that came out: whittakers hundreds and thousands!!! i don't blame everyone -- i'm crazy about hundreds and thousands cookies (as seen on the first ever cmu monday!) 

today i made chocolate chip, marshmallow, hundreds and thousands whittakers chocolate + funfetti cookies. what a mix! what's great about them is that they're chewy and moist instead of cookies that are hard and almost-burnt... yum!

i'm off to have a mini milk and cookie party with my load of uni assignments. 
have an amazing week!!!! x

*edit: for those who are interested in the recipe, i used this betty crocker soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie and tweaked it a little in terms of the serving sizes and added in my own little chocolate pieces, marshmallows and hundreds and thousands sprinkles! it turns out soft and like my biffle said "these are like subway cookies! yum!" 

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2 comments on "SURPRISE COOKIES"
  1. YUM YUM YUM :D I want to try that chocolate.. not sure if they just have it in NZ?
    and I miss COOKIE TIME!!! :(

  2. omgosh they look so cute and yummy! and with the additions you made, it's like a party for your mouth haha. like what bakingtray said, YUM INDEED