when it's finally time for daylight savings, you know spring is on its way.
i was stuck for a photo idea for today's cheer me up monday, and yes, i've got tonnes of food pics but today i wanted to be a little different! so i walked out into the garden and found some pretty things. if you miss the food, here's the most delicious ice-cream ever.

one super cool thing that i did today was finding my dad's calligraphy ink and brush set! 
you have to rub the ink stick with water against the ink stone to actually make the ink. so traditional but so cool! i had a lot of fun with typography today so you'll be seeing a lot of that in the upcoming weeks.

today's monday post brags a lot of websites that i have discovered/been told about/love/waste a lot of time on/etcetc. you will love them! (and waste too much time on them).

1. who loves pugs?
2. i had way too much fun on this website. my stick men were always chubby little people.
4. for those of you on twitter, you can't not tweet this.
5. this is a super easy way to get rid of your unwanted subscriptions and clean out your inbox!
6. need a place to vent? this.
7. be a calmer person by doing nothing for two minutes
8. i finally jumped on the pinterest train. i love love love it.
9. this is totally unrelated to the website list, but new girl, the big bang theory and survivor are back on tv!!!!!
10. last website. hehe.

have a good week! x

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1 comment on "CHEER ME UP MONDAY"
  1. yay for spring! Love it ^_^" flowers blooming... sunny days but not too hot. Too bad about hayfever though! haha and yum icecream! I think I tried giapo in nz..
    you have a good week too =)