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i've never ever been so excited to eat breakfast. since waking up early is now in my everyday schedule, i'm finding it easier and easier to sit down with a cup of tea and breakfast in the morning. i would normally never have time to do such a thing (well i would tell myself that anyway). incorporating this into your daily schedule is so important! i've found that it gives me a nice kickstart to my day, but it's so hard when you've got a busy schedule so these are two breakfast recipes that take hardly any time at all:

i made overnight oats
1:1 ratio of oats/greek yoghurt + a splash of milk, chia seeds, sweetened with maple syrup and left overnight to soak. this literally takes less than five minutes the night before! you can use whatever spices/sweeteners you want as well, just stick to the 1:1 ratio and customise to your liking with toppings. i topped mine with blueberries, raspberries, almonds, chia + drizzled with more syrup. yum.

if oats aren't your thing,
... yesterday i made a smoothie bowl which tasted amazing
berry banana smoothie topped with banana slices, almonds, raspberries, blackberries + chia. again, you can customise this to whatever you like in your smoothies and whatever you like on top.

now i'm ready to make an acai bowl for tomorrow morning!
i would definitely recommend these quick + easy breakfast recipes. you can even make overnight oats in a jar for something you can grab quickly in the morning and eat on the way to work/uni! 

check out these overnight oats and these amazing smoothie bowl recipes for more inspiration x
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today was such a good day! 
two great things arrived at my door step: 
ed sheeran tickets(!!!) and a box with two packets inside... 
the new arnotts shapes light and crispy in two flavours! sweet chilli and sour cream + tasty cheddar and chives. 

i'm already a shapes fan (cheese and bacon shapes anyone?!) but these thinner crackers are a different story. with 75% less saturated fat than normal potato chips, they make for a healthier alternative when you're just craving a little something. the name says it all. these new shapes are light, crisp and taste good on their own or with cute little toppings! they make a perfect bite-sized treat for a lazy afternoon off  or actually any time at all. 

super huge thank you to nzgirl, for sending these out to me!
has anyone else tried these?

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