this is episode three in my breakfast series. not that i had one but... chia pudding guys!!!!
i've been loving days where i actually manage to get up early and sit down with a book (or an e-book on my ipad) and just eat breakfast. so worth the early wake up!!!! well only when you're not sleep deprived from staying up watching episodes of the vampire diaries.

happy things:
1. appreciating food/home hacks more and more now - check these ones out.
2. omg baby animals
3. wishing i could make these clams for myself. i can't wait technology advances and we can start downloading food. (wishful thinking).
4. i'm on the hunt for yummy smoothie recipes. i don't get enough vegetables as it is, so i'll be having spinach in mine tonight. please comment down below any yum smoothie combinations?!?!?
5. i made dinner without a recipe last night. yes this is a huge deal!! i stuffed capsicums with chicken rice and it was surprisingly really good.
6. daniel radcliffe. rapping. that is all.
7. on the topic of celebrities making music, i'm still obsessed with this video of taylor swift and zac efron.
8. more life hacks!!!
9. before i get into the chia pudding, i'm on holiday in less than four days (!!!)
10. i was a bit hesitant to try this chia pudding thing because chia seeds don't really taste like anything?! but i looked at a few recipes and it was pretty simple and quick. also i'm super lazy so the faster i get breakfast made, the better. i mixed chia seeds into milk, with a splash of vanilla and sweetened with maple syrup and left it to soak overnight! topped it with frozen berries (did anyone see how fresh blueberries were $12 a punnet???!) and a bit of icing sugar in the morning! yum. i'm thinking of soaking the seeds with my fruit next time so it has a bit more flavour, but definitely a recipe you want to try out!

have a good week x

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