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merry christmas all!

i didn't share this but my parents have just recently returned from a long holiday where they visited my sister over in new york! they were my personal delivery service because america is home of cheap cheap make up and junk food (more on that in a later post...).
i got a few things picked out for me (courtesy of my sister), and decided to do a post on this mini haul. this is almost like my christmas shopping as well (for myself) because i couldn't seem to get away from work this year... #christmasretail.



i can't believe christmas is only eleven days away!
time flies by when you're working in retail during the christmas break...
on a side note, i have some very pleasant news!!! this christmas, i am collaborating with my good friend suni from xoul creations to host a very exciting giveaway!

xoul (pronounced 'soul') creations has just started up and will be selling a collection of the cutest clay figurines! every single figurine is made from scratch from moulding, baking, painting, glazing to glittering the clay. suni uses plain uncoloured clay as opposed to pre-coloured because she is able to personalise every step of the way herself, making every figurine unique. she takes care in every step of the process, and makes these figurines all with her own hands ensuring each figurine is of high quality. these figurines take a crazy amount of time and effort to create from start to finish!

currently, she is in christmas mode and has made five festive figurines to celebrate the season! they are retailing at $19.99 each, three for $45, four for $60 or the entire set for $75!

please support xoul creations and purchase a penguin (my fave), bear, snowman, reindeer or santa (or all of them)!!!! i promise they will look amazing on your mantelpiece, desk or just in your home! find more photos on her facebook page!

oh wait... to celebrate the start of xoul creations, one lucky person will win an entire set of christmas figurines worth up to $75!!! you can get all five for free! you can enter this competition over on my facebook and instagram (for multiple entries, woohoo!) so check over on each platform for further details!

this is open to nz residents only and will end on thursday 19th december at 9pm so the lucky winner can get these figurines by christmas! good luck all and spread the word to support xoul creations! x

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it's so close to the new year and i'm so excited because i've ordered my new kikki.k personal planner with the 2015 time planner insert!!! i spent about two hours last night on the kikki.k website trying to convince myself not to invest $229 on the premium leather stockholm planner, which is so so so beautiful. i went for the $99.90 black leather personal planner instead (because it had a buckle as opposed to the elastic band on the time planner -- essentially paying $25 for a buckle?!??!). you non-stationery people out there must think i'm a bit crazy, but it is so worth investing in a planner that i can re-use through purchasing new inserts, rather than purchasing a different diary for each year.

i could spend way longer on this website, but i've just put together the things that i absolutely love in a collage for you all! that wooden stapler... man. i can totally see myself spending tonnes of money on homeware and stationery for my future house. and that black coffee mug?!? i can totally see myself sipping my daily cups of tea out of that thing.

no words can ever explain my intense love for kikki.k.
do we have the same taste? i'd love to hear from you in the comments below! x

brb, waiting for my new personal planner to arrive.

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