merry christmas all!

i didn't share this but my parents have just recently returned from a long holiday where they visited my sister over in new york! they were my personal delivery service because america is home of cheap cheap make up and junk food (more on that in a later post...).
i got a few things picked out for me (courtesy of my sister), and decided to do a post on this mini haul. this is almost like my christmas shopping as well (for myself) because i couldn't seem to get away from work this year... #christmasretail.

i originally wanted mac velvet teddy because it is the most gorgeous nude shade, but i got these picked out for me at the outlet store in portland! shades smart & sweet and dreaminess, from left to right. i actually don't think you can get these shades anymore so that's pretty cool! they also smell like vanilla! mmmm.

i still haven't tested out this bobbi brown foundation stick! i'm loving the gold/black packaging though.

eos lipbalm omg. i got strawberry sorbet, but i wanted like all the flavours! way too many to choose from, but i figured i'll do a proper haul when i go over to new york myself. this lip balm smells so good i could eat it.

smashbox soft box: literally the prettiest neutral colours ever. so so happy with this purchase! the colours are so highly pigmented!!!

finally, i was most excited to get my real techniques brushes!!! after hearing really good reviews online, and finding out how cheap it is in america, i got my sister to get them off amazon! this same set costs $49.99 at a pharmacy in auckland as opposed to $18usd on amazon. crazy. they are super soft, and it's nice to be able to alternate between these and my ohgee brushes.

i can't wait to do more shopping next year in america myself! the price difference is ridiculous. also...
while i can't get enough of make up, my parents always end up getting a few of the same things every time they go overseas. here's a mini list:

things my parents can't get enough of:
  • electric stoves
  • ceiling lights, chandeliers, lights in general...
  • slippers to wear around the house
  • tea leaves
  • shower heads
dad usually brings back ten pairs of nike socks as well, and they just turned out to be super cheap in america so he brought back about double his usual haul. i came home tonight and found four holes in our lounge ceiling, so guess we're getting new lights installed tonight! changing ceiling lights is a strange obsession.

hope you all had/are having a wonderful christmas! x

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  1. Real Techniques brushes are to die for. I've had mine for about a year now and I can't say I'd ever stray away from them. They deliver such a unique and perfect finish. Hope you enjoy using them!

    Chloe / Lifestyle Junkie