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the first adventure of 2015 happened yesterday!!
we went to wenderholm regional park and followed one of the trails up to a look out. it took like 20 minutes to walk up and we were already tired after five minutes omg haha but it was steep i promise!!! we are just two couch potatoes trying to get fit and we are slowly getting there! slowly.

wenderholm regional park had everything: walking trails, a really calm and sandy beach (no stones and pebbles that hurt your feet!), a river where people fish and kayak, barbecues that anyone could use, rocks where we assumed people fish off, and lots and lots of grass and open space. the views from the top of the look outs were a-mazing. excuse the messy hair but it was the most perfect sunny day ever. you know how it feels when you go for a swim when you're all flustered and hot after tanning on the beach? well we went for a dip straight after our walk and it was actually the best thing ever.

definitely going here again! bring a packed lunch or some meat for the barbecue and make sure you have coins for the ice-cream van!!!! hope everyone is having a good summer! x

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this happened today.

my parents brought back a betty crocker smores cupcake mix from america, and it is such a lifesaver! it made today really easy going and saved me lots of time from measuring out ingredients like i usually do. let's not forget to mention, pre mix cupcakes always taste good too! these taste amazing warm, because the marshmallow filling is just a perfect little melting surprise when you bite down into the cupcake. i'm so eating this with icecream later. 

this was to celebrate a huge step in my blogging journey... i finally got my own domain! no more of that blogspot address... i actually have my own registered website that i can boast about! oh my goodness. 

if you haven't already noticed, i can now be found on! woohoo. 

here's a mini cheer me up monday list of my discoveries on the internet this week:
1. there are two types of people in this world. where do you fit in?
2. i'm so bringing lunch to work this year!!!
4. everything about this girl here.
5. sometimes this website sends you to some really cool places. sometimes... they're just useless.

have fun! x

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maureeces beach // tenting // up north // camp life // smoked rock cod // sunset // lanterns

i went to whananaki for new years!!!!
we constructed our home for the first night out of a tent base, one very tall gazebo pole to hold the entire tent up, numerous tent covers, gazebo poles, scavenged tent pegs and bits of random rope. but hey, when you're out in the wild, you have to make do with what you have, and we did it! it stood for one night. and unfortunately that night poured with rain. parts of the tent leaked a little but we survived! yay!

swimming, body surfing with the waves (or at least attempting to), fishing, tanning, the amazing views, eating ice-cream... they're all things i miss from the past few days. the sun burn however... that's a different story.

whananaki gave me an escape from a busy city, and in a way having no reception up there felt good. it was nice to be able to get away from technology for a bit, and to stop being so reliant on my phone. you should all try it some time.

i can make this into a "2014 reflections" post but that will take way too long. even though this year has been such a roller coaster, i can truly say i am perfectly happy. every mistake is another lesson to learn, and i am grateful for everyone who has stood by me through the good and the bad. i'm also incredibly thankful for the lovely people who spent new years with me, our amazing hosts, and the unlimited love and support everyone has shown me and as told by sheena blog! i appreciate all your comments and love you have sent my way!!!! 

hope you all had a lovely new year. 
cheers to a new beginning, a new year and new memories! x

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