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today i met up with two of my favourite people for our annual birthday adventure! we have become super good friends through work and we occasionally cook vegan meals together (my vegan adventure buddies woohoo!) the coolest thing though, is that all our birthdays are about ten days apart, so we decided to do something really special this year. both girls are entering the next decade in their lives (20!!!) and i turned the big twenty-one! definitely a reason to celebrate.

we had a $60 budget for each person and ended up combining our money together to get ultimate presents! it actually felt like christmas today with our huge pile of presents on our little table in the corner of the cafe. the most exciting thing for me though, was not getting the presents but watching both my girls open theirs! and we were all so stoked!
i drew a little picture of the presents i got because this is something that i want to remember forever. this is what blogs are for right?? i absolutely love my gifts and i actually feel ridiculously spoilt this year. birthdays are so special, and i hope you get spoiled just as much on yours!

from left to right:
zoella make up bag | zoella soak opera shower cream 
what to bake & how to bake it cookbook | luxury ceramic fondue set

sheena x

p.s. how do you feel about these new drawings i've been posting?
i would love to hear your opinions!

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(photo credit: yvonne heng)
if i put up all my photos from this night, this post would occupy numerous pages. 
p.s. i apologise in advance for this post. it's a little more personal than usual.

guys i'm twenty one!!! i have written and rewritten this post multiple times and i'm still not certain that this post is exactly the way i want it. i'm not a big birthday fan, but it just felt wrong not to celebrate at all on the huge milestone of twenty one years. i didn't have a huge party with a hundred guests, but i did spend the night doing my favourite thing (eating, duh) with a few of my favourite people. honestly, that's all that matters.

i know a few of you have been asking for a cheer me up monday so i do have to include a few links for you!!! hope this makes your monday a little bit better:

1. 31 pictures that will make people with ocd fall in love
2. IS IT ICED COFFEE WEATHER? because i usually can't decide between my frappuccinos and hot coffees.
3. this is really a note to self because i need to clean out my wardrobe!!!! these are some handy tips for what to do when you have too many clothes.
4. potato lovers. you need to look at this!!!!
5. i will love the person who makes me this egg sandwich forever.
6. did someone just get pitch slapped?! i am already in love.
7. life altering iphone tips for all you apple lovers out there (including me!).
8. i went to see cinderella at a chicks at the flicks night with two of my fave girls! let's just say we were swooning the entire movie. definitely recommend!!!
9. remember flappy bird? this is flapmmo, the exact same game except this time you compete with other people playing at the same time. see how far you get compared to everyone else!
10. i don't think it would be a cheer me up monday without cute animals gifs. here's one very happy bunny. this cute little kitten alarm clockpuppies puppies puppies.

also, turning twenty one means i'm officially an adult! i'm still learning from my mistakes and still trying to find my own happiness. but i do want to say that even though it took me a while to get here, i can finally say that i am happy. i am happy with the people i have chosen to surround myself with, i am happy with my close relationships, i am happy with the person i've become. i have never been more sure of what i am passionate about, whether it be hobbies (this blog) or my future. i'm not sure whether my attitude towards life has just changed, but i'm definitely feeling more positive. this is so cliche, but 2015 is my year and i can't wait to watch the rest of the year unfold!

hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
sheena x

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i am so very excited to let you know that i am teaming up with frank stationery to host a little giveaway this march!

i discovered frank after browsing the internet for pretty stationery options for uni (as you do). they had exactly what i was looking for and an impressive mission to go with that! 

for every item sold, frank will give the same item of stationery to a child in need.
being a stationery lover, frank was a company that could satisfy my stationery needs and at the same time help children in new zealand that live in poverty. 285,000 children in new zealand live in poverty and around 180,000 of these children experience extreme material hardship. by making sure that every child is at least equipped with basic needs in education such as notebooks, pencils and backpacks, frank helps to enable these children get the best chance at an education. this is such an amazing mission when you realise just how important education is. please support this amazing cause and buy some stationery from frank! remember the more you buy, the more they give.

frank has also been kind enough to sponsor this giveaway, so stationery lovers, uni students, everyone!!! this is your chance to get your hands on some frank stationery. woohoo!