one of my close friends recently celebrated her 19th birthday so i used this opportunity to get a little creative! suni is a creative cat herself, so i thought she would definitely appreciate the thought and effort of this little gift! so with the sole purpose of trying to make her laugh, i set out on a mission to create a little d.i.y memory album. 


this included a lot of photoshop, creativity and dry humour. also when you don't take many photos together, you have to make do by photoshopping your face onto selected photos that you steal from her facebook (don't do this in other circumstances, please! #createorcredit guys). 

contents of this book:
- real memories
- photoshopped memories
- birthday wishes
- very very dry jokes
- a crossword about our friendship + memories

this d.i.y was super fun to make and makes a really meaningful gift for a close friend or someone special! happy birthday suni! 

this post was inspired by kate ranfurly! here's a link to her original blog post.

until next time,
sheena x

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  1. Sorry to say wishing you late But Heart fully saying Happy Birthday wishes to you have a great day