st heliers bay cafe
287 tamaki drive

st heliers, auckland

after three hours of sleep, five of us woke up in an attempt to watch the sunrise. we saw most of the pink sky on the drive there, but unfortunately it was too cloudy for us to see most of it. we did however, spend the rest of the two hours we had until cafes opened, trying to convince the birthday girl to do a photoshoot. it sounds super lame but i had the time of my life with these four weirdos.

for breakfast we went to st heliers bay cafe which is the cutest cafe i have seen in a long time! interior junkies you will love this place. it had a clean, modern look (the wooden furniture and the lighting omg!!!) and the ambience was perfect. 

i ordered an iced mocha and it came like this. a scoop of vanilla icecream and chocolate syrup in a glass, coffee syrup in the little jug and milk on the side. i loved it! i loved being able to personalise the way you drink your coffee. this way, people who prefer more chocolate to coffee in their mochas (because people who get mochas are definitely there for the chocolate) are able to customise how much coffee they are putting into their mocha. i swear there isn't a perfect mocha out there; you have starbucks which is overly sweet and mocha from every other cafe is too bitter. this is perfect.

this was sort of the big breakfast: sausage, hash, bacon, tomatoes, poached eggs and pain cereal? what is pain cereal though. 

who eats fish and chips at 8:30 in the morning? cathy and suni.

but then again who eats potatoes at 8:30 in the morning? me. actually, i take that back. potatoes is perfect any time of the day. this was a side of duck fat roasted potatoes. mmmm.

the birthday girl and myself got hotcakes with pear, mascarpone and toffeed apple syrup. that whole white blob is cream. it was good though; i felt like the flavours mixed together well. the pear was a crunchy bit on the side in a mouthful of perfectly fluffy hotcake. the toffeed apple syrup was good too, but had a slight bitter after taste. still. it was pretty good.

i definitely see myself coming back here really soon. maybe even tomorrow. this cafe is currently very high on my recommendations list. go. you might even see me there.

hope you're having a good week!

sheena x

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  1. Wow it all looks very decadent. Definitely want to try that mocha at some point!

  2. This is super close to where I live, and I haven't been there! Must check it out! :)