... you know when you haven't written a post in about a month, and during that month you end up buying a lot of things? well, these are my favourite things out of all the things i have purchased in may. does that even fit under the title of may favourites? oops. you get what i mean.

from left to right:

colour your smile essentials bundle from gerard cosmetics
i got this when shaaanxo posted a $25 deal for this set on her facebook. it came with a teeth whitening pen, a lipgloss and a lipstick of your choice. i got the madison avenue lipgloss and the 1995 lipstick. i am in love with the lipstick colour!!!!

rimmel lipstick
in the shade 720, notting hill nude. this was a farmers deal and all rimmel lip products were $10 including kate moss lipsticks!!! these sales are seriously great for people who want to experiment with different shades and brands (like me hahaha).

bubblegum lip scrub from lush

had to get this when i saw this in store. my lips get really dry and chapped especially in the colder months and what better to use than a lip scrub you can eat??!?! something that annoyed me when i was younger was how my lip balm always smelt amazing - like seriously good enough to eat. except you couldn't eat it. after scrubbing your lips with this you can actually lick off the excess, and it's not harmful for you! it's also vegan and not tested on animals, woohoo!

chi chi nudes eyeshadow palette
i have heard wonders about chi chi palettes! i'm currently using smashbox for my eyeshadow, but i wanted to try out chi chi! i'm obviously not very adventurous when it comes to bold colours so nude shades were perfect for a more natural look. i haven't used this palette yet, but i am so excited to try out the shades!

black beanie from jessica greetham
i was lucky enough to be sent one of these beanies for free! ugh. jessica is one of my childhood friends and being able to see where she has come since intermediate is so inspiring. she has made clothing for fashion shows and her pieces are absolutely gorgeous. a few of her pieces were showcased on foureyes! now that you know how talented she is, jessica hand knits these beanies and they are so soft and warm and perfect for winter! you can also choose to go without a pom pom, but why would you?! the pom pom is literally the softest thing ever. jessica sells her beanies on her instagram and you can find and buy her stuff here.


what are some of your favourite things that you've been using in may?

sheena x

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  1. hehehe love this! That GC deal looks so good wish I saw it ><
    Hope you have an awesome day lovely <3

    1. i'll tag you if she ever has one again!!!! :')
      thank you hehe, hope you're having a great day! x

  2. I love the lush bubblegum scrub, its definitely one of my favourites from Lush! I'm the type who licks the scrub off instead of washing it off, what can i say! It tastes amazing

    1. hi marleen! hehe i'm exactly the same!!! luckily for us, it's edible hahaha x