so one day, my good friend erica was like "i need to take you and sophie to this cute cafe!"
... and we were off on another vegan adventure!!!!!

1087 new north road
mt albert, akld
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cosset is a vegetarian and vegan eatery tucked into a segment on the busy new north road. this cafe is literally a hidden gem! reminiscent of my grandparents house, cosset's retro decor has so many different nooks and crannies, that everywhere you look is a different scene altogether. i loved the hanging lights! all food and drink options are vegan friendly, with the exception of a few dairy choices. 

the three of us simply could not resist the sound of their hot cakes, so we all ended up getting essentially the same thing. erica and i went with the blueberry and almond hot cakes with seasonal fruit on the side, and sophie ordered the lemon and coconut sugar hot cakes with banana and seasonal fruit. all of our hot cakes came with a tub of cashew cream, though you can opt for dairy cream if that's what floats your boat!

our drinks came out first! i ordered a mochaccino which came with a square of chocolate on the side.

sophie ordered a chai latte.

and erica ordered a lavender latte with oat milk. 

 (sophie's lemon and coconut sugar hotcakes)

the hot cakes were amazing. they came out ridiculously light and fluffy, and the flavours of the blueberry compote and almonds complemented each other so well. the cashew cream was so delicious we found ourselves spooning the cream into our mouths.

the portion sizes were perfect. we were all comfortably full afterwards without feeling like we were about to food coma.

cosset is a quirky little cafe with friendly customer service, and i can definitely see myself coming back here again!

sheena x

p.s. erica is doing a review on cosset as well! check out her page here.

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2 comments on "CAFE SPOTTING: COSSET"
  1. Gosh! I never knew this Cafe was Vegetarian! Isn't it the one on the lights? Corner of New North and Richardson? I must visit there! I'm a Vegetarian too!

    1. It is definitely that cafe!!!! yes you must visit sometime hehe :)
      thanks for dropping by xx