25 mcdonald street
sandringham, auckland

we were choosing between eating here and another place in kingsland but i am so glad we came to crave! we were acknowledged when we walked up to the counter, and made our orders.

it was difficult finding a table because crave was so full! we did a round of the cafe and after deciding not to squeeze between two individuals on one of the large tables, we walked back to the front of the cafe and got lucky because one person left and we were able to take a table!


(morningsliders: salmon, cucumber and cream cheese)

both of us love coffee and luckily for us we were allowed to get our mochas served in these cute mugs instead of the smaller coffee cups! i decided to go out on a whim and try the morningsliders. from what i believe, these morningsliders usually change dependent on what the chefs feel like making! i ended up getting these amazing little salmon, cucumber and cream cheese sliders, which tasted amazing! at first glance, i thought it was such a small portion but i was so satisfied after i finished my meal! the presentation of my meal was pretty spot on as well.

(brazilian chicken stroganoff)

the chicken stroganoff sounded amazing on the menu, and my friend loved it! the chicken was served on smashed potato cakes with three herb and apple slaw. who doesn't like potato??!?! 

the interior of crave was warm and inviting, and each corner of the cafe was different. there are community tables and lounge spaces -- perfect for people to connect and get to know each other. the walls featured many different contemporary paintings, and doing further research into this, i found out that crave gets behind local artists by showcasing their art on their walls!

my absolute favourite thing about this place however, is their altruistic values. crave cafe is owned by a collective -- a group of people who do good and support their local community. all profits go towards the community and help make it a better place for people to live in. this video gave me a bit of insight in what the people behind crave do.

crave cafe is a space for people to come together and connect with each other over good coffee and food. i loved my experience here, and i am so excited to come back!

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