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before i start this post, i want to say a big thank you to zomato nz + brunch club for hosting this month's cocktail club at the glass goose.

i finally plucked up the courage to go along to a #brunchclub event!

originally i had a date with erica, but uni assignments got way too stressful and all of a sudden i was going to what seemed like a big blogging event all by my lonesome. going to a brunch club event had been on my to do list for a super long time, and after the loveliest email from laura, i decided to reschedule a meeting to make this event!

with no idea what the night had in store for me, i nervously made my way to the glass goose at 6:30pm. i walked up to talk to a waiter at the bar, and asked if he could direct me to the zomato/blogging event. he laughed and asked me if i had any idea what we were doing that night. at this point, i was seriously like "oh my goodness what have i gotten myself into", but he went on to explain what was happening that night, and i found out that we were having a cocktail class!!!!! for those of you that know me, know that i don't like the taste of alcohol unless it's mixed in a fruity concoction (or if it's cider — i love cider). cocktails!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!

while we were all hanging around getting to know one another, the people at the glass goose brought out nibbles for us to try! we got to taste a variety of different things — pulled pork sliders, crumbed pork belly and pancetta, potato cod croquette, lamb cutlets and duck fat potato skins. 

it seriously felt so good not to be the only one with a camera and taking photos of our food, of the restaurant, of anything and everything. no one was giving us any weird looks (and if they were, we were all taking photos ha!!!). it was so good to be around such like-minded people!

(our cocktail making kits)

 our bartender was so funny and totally rocked his californian accent! he did an amazing job of teaching us how to make our preferred cocktails in little groups. we had two cocktails to choose from: the beekeepers blossom and the fresh pickings cocktail! the beekeepers blossom stood out because it had egg white in it, while the fresh pickings cocktail sounded more refreshing with fresh fruit (strawberries, cucumber and lime). both were house favourites!


                       (the beekeeper's blossom)                                                         (fresh pickings)
being a huge fan of fruity cocktails, i chose to try the fresh pickings drink.
we had to crush ice cubes and learn how to shake cocktails properly without the glass falling off. crushing ice cubes sounds easy, but trust me, we had to work our arm muscles!!! (for me, my non-existent arm muscles). i poured my blood, sweat and tears into making this cocktail (ok, not really), but knowing that i made this little concoction myself made it taste so much better!

cocktail club was such an amazing experience and it was so so fun! the best part about the whole night was finally getting to meet a few of the nz bloggers. i have no regrets at all and i cannot wait until the next #brunchclub event! i went home craving another cocktail and very very happy with the entire experience at #cocktailclub.

the glass goose had delicious food and the interior was absolutely gorgeous. the lights, the atmosphere and the ambience was simply perfect. i am definitely coming back to try more food and more cocktails! thank you so much for hosting us!

for the bloggers that are like me and scared or nervous about attending these events, please don't be! i'd love to meet you at the upcoming blogger events!!!! everyone is so lovely and brunchclub is just like they say: "besties, brunch and blogging". food with a whole bunch of like-minded people!!!! there seriously could be nothing better.

until next time!

sheena x

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  1. This evening sounded like SO much fun, and your photos only confirm that it definitely was! What amazing-sounding cocktails, and a fabulous venue! I'm glad you enjoyed your first #brunchclub experience :)

    1. thanks corrine!!!! it was absolutely amazing! hope to see you at a meet up in the future x

  2. this looks absolutely amazing! what a great night. i can't wait for these evenings to eventually make their way down to wellington (or i might have to head up to auckland for one myself!).

    georgina | baby rebel

    1. ahhh i would love to meet you at one of these events so fingers crossed! hehe x

  3. oooh wow thanks for an amazing post event write up Sheena! It was SO nice to finally meet you, I loved hanging out and hopefully you can come to future evetns <3

    1. laura <3
      it was so lovely to finally meet you as well! can't wait to see you at future events hehe xx