hello! it's the first day of spring!! 

i seriously can't believe it is september already. where has 2015 gone?? i thought i would do some spring cleaning on life today and ended up doing a reflection on my organisation. i came up with five tips that worked well for me, and i hope you find them useful as well!

ever since i got my kikki.k planner last year, i have been obsessed with planning my days and the idea of an organised life. the following organisation tips are mostly centred around my kikki.k planner, but they will work for any diary you have as well! and if you're not a diary kind of person, there are a few tips below which will be applicable to you as well.

1 // invest in a diary

i love writing things down. when i write due dates and plans down, it feels set in stone as opposed to having digital reminders on my phone. writing down deadlines in my diary helps me plan ahead and is a visual reminder of how many weeks (or days) i have until my next assignment is due. sometimes my diary tells me: "crap! i have an assignment due in two days and i haven't even started doing research!" or when i'm more prepared: "i have an assignment due in three days and i'm on track for completing it on time!" ... usually it's the first one, but it helps me get my priorities in line. i.e. stop watching netflix and start your assignment!!!!

2 // write daily to do lists
if you're less of an organisation freak than me, weekly to do lists should do the trick. i find that writing to do lists for the day ahead, helps outline what i should be doing when i wake up the next day. without a list of things i need to get done, i find that i tend to waste my day and sleep until the afternoon and then sleep more and end up doing nothing productive at all. i achieve more when i have my goals for the day written down and i am definitely more productive.

3 // monthly and weekly calendars

usually if you invest in a diary, it will come with monthly and weekly calendars, but because i'm a visual learner, i have more than just one. my kikki.k diary comes with monthly and weekly planners, but i also have another monthly calendar that i hang up on my wall. like a diary, it allows me to visually keep track of my due dates and my plans for every single day of the week. cristina martinez created a gorgeous monthly calendar which i printed out and use on a daily basis. it's also free to download so you all can use it too!!! thanks cristina!

4 // assign coloured sticky notes to different commitments
a few months ago, i found myself caught in the midst of too many commitments. that was full time uni, around twenty hours of work at my part time job, and having to find time for two other casual jobs. it was difficult, but what helped me immensely were sticky notes. i had every due date, every meeting, every shift documented by coloured sticky notes: red for uni deadlines, blue for tracking my hours for a social media job, green for my part time shifts... you get the point. no matter what i had going on, sticky notes helped me organise my time by prioritising each commitment.

5 // take time to de-clutter 
my diary may be organised, but my room definitely isn't. i will clean my room and then a few days later, it gets messy again. i like to call it creative clutter. organisation is not just being neat and tidy; it's also about being able to find what you need fast. take a few minutes each day to get rid of unnecessary items. you don't need that bubble tea cup you brought home today. throw it away. too many scattered papers? sort through the pile and throw away what isn't needed. useless food receipts taking up too much space in your wallet? throw them away. your room and your life will thank you for it.

i hope you found some of these tips useful!

have a lovely week!
sheena x

p.s. if you like the look of my planner, you can find all sorts of colours and inserts and accessories here.

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post; i just have a crazy obsession with stationery and that includes my kikki.k diary. all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I prefer to have digital calendars, at work and my google calendar for my personal life, but I do have a notebook for daily to do lists, and various reminders. I do reaaaaally need to declutter too.

  2. Love my Kikki-k planner you can have so much fun with it! as much as technology tries to suck me into doing it all electronic I find something comforting in writing things down the old fashion way.