Beignets? What are beignets? 
These glorious sugar dusted french donuts.

Depot Eatery
86 Federal Street

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After hearing amazing things about Depot (hellooo Metro Restaurant of the Year?!?!?), we decided to go and try this place out. It took us three long weeks to actually get to Depot. Our first attempt ended up failing horribly, giving us about an hour to walk up the hill to Federal Street, eat and walk back up the mountain (Yes, that's Albert Park) for my next class. Yeah it wasn't going to happen. Jessica and I both had 8 am lectures (yes gross, I know) so we set a date to meet straight after class for breakfast at Depot! The idea was Jessica's. After watching The Princess and the Frog, she wanted to try a biegnet and found out Depot sold them! I haven't seen the movie so I don't get the movie reference, but for all of you who have... BIEGNETS! 

At 9:15am, the eatery was packed. Luckily, we managed to get seats outside. The menu was recited to us by two lovely waitresses: toasted muesli, bacon and egg doonas, and fresh warm beignets with passionfruit curd. We decided to try both the bacon and egg doona and the beignets, and we both ordered mochas. 

Despite being so busy, our food came out in about five minutes. Our bacon and egg sandwich was already split onto two plates, because she knew we were sharing! The bacon was crispy and the egg yolk was runny. Perfect. There was also a delicious sweet chutney-like sauce in the sandwich, which was just the perfect addition. 

Our beignets came out shortly after. I found the passionfruit curd too sour when I dipped the beignets in. After experimenting with dipping the beignet into the chocolate topping of my mocha, I found that I liked the sugar beignet better with chocolate. They'd be delicious drizzled in a dark chocolate sauce. Mmmm. Though I wasn't really a fan of the passionfruit curd/beignet combination, I did enjoy the sugar-dusted beignets on their own. 

Our mochaccinos were so good. The coffee was strong, but it was definitely a contender for one of the best coffees we have had in Auckland!

Though Depot has won the Metro's best restaurant of the year, the ambience is still quite casual and relaxed. There are no pretentious vibes from the staff even though they've won such a prestigious award. The service was friendly and attentive and we felt that from the beginning to the end of our meal. I am looking forward to our next meal here, and maybe then I'll get to try their famous oysters!

Has anyone been to Depot before? I know I'm pretty late on the bandwagon...
I'd love to hear your dining experiences!

Sheena x

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