Everyone loves a good waffle. 

Geeks on Sainsbury
1/55 Sainsbury Road
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I spend a decent amount of my free time browsing through food photos on Zomato. That literally sounds like i have no life haha but trust me, it's a good time. While browsing through cafes, i came across the most mouth watering waffles i have ever seen. Seriously saliva-inducing, mouth-watering, absolutely beautiful waffles. My excuse for dragging Stacey along was if i woke up early for breakfast, i would be more productive that day (and i had heaps of uni assessments to get through). But also partly because i knew she would enjoy the waffles and she was nearby and working at 10am! 
The cabinet had gorgeous little treats, but Stacey and I already knew what we wanted to order. 

Waffles. I opted for the preserved fruit waffles, which was served with a scoop of lemon sorbet and raspberry coulis, and garnished with fresh honeycomb. Stacey ordered the other waffles, which came with house made granola, sliced banana, a scoop of vanilla icecream, maple peanut butter and caramel drizzled over the top. Even the descriptions alone sound beautiful. 

When our waffles came out, they were seriously pieces of art. They were plated beautifully and the presentation was faultless. We both spent a good five minutes taking photos of our food. No shame. Stacey's icecream didn't even melt a bit until she finished her meal. I tried a bit of her waffles and they were amazing. I liked my waffles too and the fruit was a treat! It did get a little too sweet near the end for me though, but other than that, our meals were faultless. For $15, we were wondering how big the portion sizes were, but our bellies were more than satisfied after we finished. 

The mocha I ordered was decent coffee! I just waited a bit too long, so the first time I took a sip from my coffee was after I had a few bites of my waffles. The sweetness of the waffles made my coffee taste quite bitter, but I feel as though it would've been a good cup of coffee! I'll try another one next time!

In addition to the amazing food, the staff at Geeks on Sainsbury were so friendly and welcoming! I'm looking forward to my next visit already! I literally have no regrets waking up so early for food, and I would probably wake up every Sunday at 8am for a breakfast at Geeks on Sainsbury.
Has anyone else been here? I'd love to hear about your experience too!
Sheena x

  1. Never been but your blog / photos make me want to ASAP!

    1. I think they're only a few months old! definitely worth the trip x

  2. Looks delicious!! I wanna visit this place!