... as you might have already guessed, i am feeling under the weather. this cold or flu or whatever this illness is, has hit me at the worst possible time. it's probably bad timing on my behalf, but i am in my second week of mid-semester holidays and i have three assessments due next week — all of which i have not started. but a) i thought i needed a well-deserved break after a long week of uni assessments before the break and b), i planned time to do my assessments in this second week. it's not my fault i caught the flu now right?!?!? 

based on my personal experiences, general knowledge and research backed up by the internet, i have two lists for you today on how to deal with sickness.

what not to do when you are sick

1 / go to work 
2 / push yourself 
3 / eat as many chocolate and sweets
4 / consume dairy products
      — there are conflicting opinions and research all over the internet about this. i know for a fact that dairy makes me feel a little sick when i'm ill and i'm not lactose-intolerant. therefore i stay away from dairy when i'm sick, but when i'm all better, i'm all about that coffee, 'bout that coffee. 
5 / cry about life (this is debatable)
6 / ignore your sickness
     — some people do exactly this and tend to keep working and working and working and just refuse to acknowledge that they're ill. let yourself relax for a few days.

what to do when you are sick

1 / buy super soft / aloe vera / hypoallergenic / anti-viral / 3ply a.k.a the softest tissues the supermarket sells
2 / drink lots and lots of water
3 / make hot lemon honey tea
4 / stay warm (time to get snuggled up in blankets)
5 / be hygienic (don't pass on your illness!)
6 / catch up with youtube / netflix
7 / sleep and rest

i have back stories behind most of these things to do / not to do, but maybe that's a post for next time. these tips have all helped me in the past and hopefully they help you as well! hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying the first few days of spring!

sheena x

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