Pappa Rich has finally reached New Zealand! The official launch was on October 3rd, and a few food bloggers and myself got to sample a range of the signature dishes on the menu.

Pappa Rich
291-297 Queen Street
Skycity Metro, Auckland CBD

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I was so excited to try out Pappa Rich! With many Malaysian friends raving about how good the food is, it took a lot for me to wait until the launch day. I did it, and it was well worth the wait.

We started off with crispy fried chicken skins, which came with sweet chilli sauce for the dipping sauce! Seriously, wow. This is a dish that I would probably have never ordered after just reading the name, but these are amazing. They are so crunchy and full of flavour and to my surprise, not oily at all. This is definitely a must-try dish!

Our drinks came out next. I spent about ten minutes looking over the drinks menu alone. Pappa Rich have an extensive range of drinks and all of which look incredible. The kid in me was tempted to get the Milo Dino, which looked like a cold malt drink with a mountain of milo heaped on top. However, I decided to try the soya milk grass jelly pudding drink instead. This was delicious. I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of soy milk but this was refreshing and the grass jelly and pudding bits were little bits of goodness! Another table favourite was the coconut paradise, topped with fresh coconut bits!

Having spent so long on just the drinks menu, I was glad the meals were pre-ordered for us. There are so many choices on the menu that I would take forever to pick out my food! Pappa Rich focuses on serving fresh food fast, which is perfect for busy people on the go. There are little notepads on each table, and you simply write down the codes of what you want to order, and push the button for the wait staff to collect. This method is quick and easy, making it perfect for people on a quick lunch break. 

This roti dish in particular was delicious. The roti was filled with egg and onion, and it was so fluffy! It resembled a savoury pancake, and when dipped in the different curries, it was so flavourful. This one in particular seemed to have the spice levels ranked in order, with the red sauce being very spicy to the mild curry on the side. Delicious. 

The Canai Tandori was delicious. The roti in this dish was particularly crispy, and when paired with the tandori chicken and the yoghurt, the different textures made every mouthful worth savouring. 

The colours in the laksa dish were so vibrant! I'm not a huge fan of laksa myself, but there were only good words said about the laksa that day.

The Hainan Chicken on rice definitely tasted slightly different to the ones I have had previously. The ingredients tasted fresh and the chicken was soft and tender. It may have been because I didn't get much sauce when I got my chicken, but it had a lighter and more subtle taste than other Hainan chicken dishes. I would definitely reorder this dish though. Hainan Chicken rice has always been a favourite of mine!

The Char Kuay Teow was compared to a Malaysian Pad Thai. It was a dish that I didn't get to eat until I went home that night! It still tasted good. Mmmm.

This Nasi Kemak dish with curry chicken and sambal prawns was delicious! I didn't try the extras on the side but the chicken and the prawns had so much flavour and the chicken especially was tender and fell apart in my mouth! Yum.

Unfortunately I never tried this curry chicken egg noodle dish, as I was simply too full from the other dishes! I did manage to get a photo however, and heard that this dish had a lot of flavour. 

Definitely save space for dessert. This was egg pudding with sago, and it was one of my favourites! I could easily devour three of these on my own. This dessert is definitely one I will be reordering.

This was shaved ice with a few different toppings: lychee, red bean, grass jelly, corn, raisins and peanuts. I thought the peanuts, corn and raisins were odd choices when paired with a shaved ice dessert and stayed away from those options. I did love the lychee and grass jelly with the shaved ice and the scoop of icecream on top! There were a lot of different flavours in this dish, and it is definitely a dish to try out. 

During lunch, we were able to watch the Lion Dance that came through the restaurant and "christened" Pappa Rich at its official launch in Auckland! They did cute little things like grabbing the oranges from the front desk and handing it over to the Pappa Rich staff. The lion then preceded to dance around the restaurant. I am obsessed with the lion costume! Especially the adorable little tail. So cute. The Lion Dance was definitely a crowd favourite, and many people had their phones and cameras out to film the entire performance. What a treat! 

I can't fault the service here at all. Though it was very busy, the meals came in an acceptable amount of time. The interactions I had with the staff were also very friendly. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the Pappa Rich menu. The drinks menu is one in particular that I hope to be able to eventually get through. Pappa Rich is also in a prime location for quick lunch breaks, and it also boasts cheap and affordable food options. This is a restaurant I am definitely coming back to!

Have you been to Pappa Rich yet? 

Sheena x

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