I was invited along with a few other food bloggers to try out the dishes at Big Fish Eatery! Big Fish Eatery opened its doors in September this year and pride themselves on serving traditional Pan Asian cuisine, with a modern twist.

Big Fish Eatery
Unit 3, 710 Great South Road

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As soon as we entered Big Fish, we were greeted with unique trinkets. I loved the modern decorations with the letter board and the hash tag #dare2taste. My GPS failed to give me correct directions, so I ended up getting a little lost! With that being said, the location was slightly inconvenient for me, but because of their location, Big Fish are able to cater towards the quieter neighbourhoods around Penrose. A definite bonus is the fact that they do free delivery, so if you're situated around Penrose and the nearby suburbs, you're in for a treat! 

The cabinet food looked so pretty! I had to get some photos.

We started off with green tea which came in a cute teapot and mismatching tea cups! Thanks for being our hand model Kellie! You are a natural.

The entire menu sounded amazing, so it was difficult to choose a few dishes to try! We got recommendations from both the owners of Big Fish: William (the chef) and Amy, which definitely helped a lot. William came out to explain a few dishes afterwards and told us a few stories that accompanied specific dishes! During his time working in London, he cooked for Gwen Stefani two times! After talking to her, he found out that she came back to the restaurant specifically for a Salmon dish. This dish is now one of William's signature dishes and is served with honey soy mustard, roasted cashews and a citrus salad. How incredible is that!

Pork Belly Bao ($7)
Something we all desperately wanted to try off the menu was the Pork Belly Bao, with cucumber and spring onion! The pork belly is slow cooked in the oven for four hours to ensure that it is tender and succulent. The pork belly was cooked to perfection and melted in our mouths. This was definitely one of the highlights of our meal and is something I will be re-ordering again and again.

Dragon Roll Uramaki ($13)
Next up, we had the Dragon Roll sushi, which had king prawn tempura, broccolini, avocado, shichimi and mayo. This was recommended by the chef himself as one of the most popular dishes! Needless to say, it did not disappoint. The Dragon Roll was another table favourite.

Soft Shell Crab ($15)
The soft shell crab was also another dish we all wanted to try! It was served with jalapeno sauce and lime mayo, which complemented the flavours well. I loved the jalapeno sauce and preferred it over the lime mayo, but it was definitely nice to have two options! It was slightly too oily for my taste, but we took quite a long time taking photos of this dish. I would definitely recommend eating this as soon as it comes out while it is still crispy.

Miso Hapuka ($28)
We tried two out of three of the chef's signature dishes: the Miso Hapuka and the Mongolian Lamb. The Hapuka ended up being a huge portion that day and as a result, less sauce was able to fit on the plate. The flavours in this dish was a lot more subtle than the rest of the dishes we tried. We thought with a bit more sauce on the side, it would've been more flavourful.

Mongolian Lamb ($25)
The Mongolian Lamb was a dish that I wanted to try from the menu! This was an entire rack of lamb and was served with house made kimchi and lime. The kimchi was delicious! It was definitely unique and did not taste like traditional Korean kimchi. Instead the kimchi was lighter in taste and incorporated William's own style and flair.

Fresh Tuna and King Prawn Nigiri ($5 and $8 for two pieces, respectively)
The Nigiri was also highly recommended by both William and Amy. We decided to try the tuna and prawn nigiri and ordered a piece each. They were topped off with fresh wasabi! The tuna was so fresh and was actually purchased that same day! We could definitely taste the difference and the tuna nigiri was delicious. I also thoroughly enjoyed the prawn nigiri. The wasabi was the perfect complement for the nigiri, and definitely made it taste more fresh.

White and Dark Cookie Dough ($8 each)
To finish, we ordered the baked cookie dough in both flavours. One was a white chocolate and macadamia cookie dough and the other a dark chocolate and peanut butter! Served with icecream, this was the perfect finish to an amazing meal. You may be thinking that baked cookie dough is just a cookie... but this was definitely not a normal cookie. The cookie dough is slightly underbaked to create a crisp outer shell and a gooey centre. We were told that people would finish working out at the gym opposite Big Fish and come over in their active wear and order the baked cookie dough! I would do the exact same (without the gymming part). Save room for dessert, because this is not a dish you want to miss.

The service at Big Fish was impeccable. The staff were amused watching us go to different lengths to take photos. I'm sorry for standing on a chair to get a flatlay shot! The things we food bloggers do to get the perfect shots...

Overall, my experience at Big Fish Eatery was near flawless. I was lucky to have gone with like-minded food bloggers who take just as long as I do with photos! Tiffany, Razelle and Kellie have all put up reviews as well, and you should definitely check them out!

Lastly a huge thank you to the team at Big Fish Eatery for having us! I will definitely be back soon! Check them out on their website here, or their Zomato page.

What are your favourite dishes from the photos above?

Sheena x

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