Scarecrow celebrated the re-opening of their new store with a breakfast, and I was lucky to be invited!

33 Victoria Street East
Auckland CBD

Scarecrow's new interior felt warm and inviting on what felt like a unusually cold and windy spring day. The space captured a sense of communality with various antique and market-inspired pieces on display; something the team at Scarecrow strove to achieve in their renovations. 

This little scarecrow plush captured my interest straight away. Having been to Scarecrow's Victoria Street home before the new renovations, the first thing I would notice walking past the store would be the suspended scarecrow, hanging mid-air. Though the scarecrow model is now taken down, I thought this plush was absolutely adorable and captured the spirit and essence of Scarecrow. 

Scarecrow has a corner of the cafe dedicated to a florist and a display of beautiful fresh flowers. Looking around the cafe, bunches of these gorgeous blooms are displayed on the tables, designed to create an aesthetically pleasing dining experience. I couldn't think of anything better to start the morning than good food and pretty flowers. 

 In addition to the antique offerings Scarecrow display in store, they also a range of homeware products including these gorgeous handmade pottery pieces. 

Also on offer at Scarecrow is Matakana extra virgin olive oil. Locally grown, harvested and pressed to bring a high quality and distinctive flavour, Scarecrow sells large containers of this glorious olive oil. These containers are reusable and you can bring them back to Scarecrow for refills! 

As soon as we entered Scarecrow, the first thing that entered my mind was how "Zoella" everything looked. Think of her wooden flatlays, her styling... everything. Those of you who understand what I'm talking about, I feel like we're already best friends. Those of you who don't, have a flick through Zoe's blog. Decorated with fresh blooms, our table looked amazing.

We started the morning off with bubbles: A Vin Alto Muscato, which was absolutely delicious. If only every morning could start like this...

 We started off the meal with a few canapes. The first one I tried was the Rustic pate on toasted challah, crispy skin and egg mimosa. Though I'm not usually a fan of pate, this was surprisingly really tasty. 

I've always wanted to try a scotch egg, and when this plate came out I was super excited! These were scotch quail eggs with lamb mince and hot mustard. It wasn't bad but I didn't like the dab of hot mustard! The flavour was too strong for my personal taste. 

For our main courses, we were able to choose between the Stracciatella omelette, made with Matakana eggs, fried capers and ginger, or Paleo pancakes with apple syrup, dried fruit compote and coconut yoghurt. Though it seemed like the omelette was the more popular choice, I decided to go with the pancakes. They tasted slightly like banana bread pancakes which was delicious! I would definitely reorder these!

Dessert had to be my favourite part of the meal. There were so many goodies that were brought out, but my favourite by far had to be the salted caramel chocolate balls. Best enjoyed by popping the entire treat into your mouth! Trust me on this one. As soon as you bite down, all of this gooey caramel goodness explodes in your mouth. So so so good. 

It was an absolute delight being able to hear the story and philosophy behind Scarecrow. Something worth mentioning is that if you enjoy any of the dishes at Scarecrow, you can ask for the recipe and also purchase all the ingredients from the store as well! 

As well as serving up delicious food, Scarecrow are all about supporting local suppliers and sourcing ethical products. They also serve locally roasted slow-brew Kokako coffee and a range of other fair-trade options.

I got the opportunity to talk to Paul for a few minutes, and he was able to lead me through the design and thought process of the renovations. Turns out Scarecrow is true to their sustainable philosophy, reusing old materials to create new cabinets and fittings. 

There is a true sense of community at Scarecrow, marking it as not just another cafe, but a place for people to meet, eat, and share in an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

What a great venue backed up with an amazing team! 
You'll have to see the store for yourself to understand the new and improved Scarecrow! 

What are your favourite dishes from the photos above?

Sheena x

33 Victoria Street East | Auckland CBD
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