Among many other things on my to do list, the iconic Statue of Liberty was an attraction I had to see during my trip to New York. Reading reviews and seeing photos online does not compare to seeing the Statue of Liberty in real life at all! 

The beautiful views begin from Battery Park, where the ferry picks up eager tourists and locals alike for the ride over to Liberty Island. 

The ferry ride also offers a few good photo opportunities. I made sure I sat at the top level of the ferry on the rides there and back to make the most of the experience! Look backwards and you can snap a photo of the New York City sky line. Look forward and snap photos of the Statue of Liberty from a 180 degree view as the ferry makes its way around Liberty Island. I managed to get a shot of both the Statue and the NYC skyline, and I was so happy!

As you reach Liberty Island, pick up an audio tour to learn the story behind the Statue of Liberty. My audio tour came free with my CityPASS ticket but I was slightly too preoccupied trying to get good photos to finish listening to the entire thing. I did catch a few interesting facts however! Did you know the Statue of Liberty is made of copper and is green because the copper has oxidised over time? Back in 1886 when the Statue was completed, it was actually a shade of brown. It took about thirty years for the Statue to naturally oxidise and turn green! 

As you walk along the perimeter of the island, you are not only treated to views of the Statue but also stunning views of the city. 

There are also these binocular viewing devices where you pay 50c to see the view in closer detail! These are at many of the popular attractions in New York and I would definitely recommend looking through these at least once. 

I was lucky because the day I chose to go was absolutely beautiful. Though it was cold, we were able to view the Statue against clear blue skies. We wanted to go up on to the higher viewing levels by the pedestal and the crown, but unfortunately all the tickets for these were sold out! We did get good views of the Statue from the ground though.

After the Statue, we spent a few hours at the museum on Ellis Island learning about the history of immigration in America. Overall, it was an interesting experience and it was definitely something my sister was fascinated by. I personally preferred the sightseeing at the Statue over the museum, but both were absolutely worth the ticket price. 

Have you been to the Statue of Liberty before? Let me know how your experience was! 

Sheena x
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