2015 IN REVIEW + 2016 GOALS

Photo: 2015 Best Nine Instagram photos. 
Sums up a few of my favourite things pretty well: travel, food and flatlays. 

As I sit here writing this post, the fact that everyone close to me has already experienced 2016 is on the top of my mind. It's still New Years Eve here in New York, but I feel as though I've celebrated the end of 2015 and the new year already vicariously through photos, videos and text messages from everyone back home. 

Here is my 2015 in review, reminiscing about adventures and food and all the best things that happened to me.


  • Purchasing my domain name in January. www.astoldbysheena.com was born!
  • The Demi Lovato concert in April. It was my first time standing up at a concert and also my first time getting crushed and smothered by a billion teenagers, who by the way were all taller than me. Sad. BUT best concert ever. 
  • Finishing university and receiving the email that said i was eligible to graduate! Saying goodbye to seventeen years of education!
  • Going to my first brunch club event! It was actually a cocktailclub but I got to meet some of the loveliest people!!!

  • Spending the first few days of 2015 in Whananaki! Fishing, beaches, smoking fish, surfing waves, and building our own tent with makeshift gazebo poles.
  • That one time we went to Wenderholm and it was boiling hot but the beaches and the views were amazing.
  • Queenstown in July. Parasailing, exploring Arrowtown, Lake Wanaka, Puzzling World and going on my first wine tour and tasting at Gibbston Valley! I also tried panning for gold but I had no luck, so I just bought a little jar of gold flakes from the souvenir shop hehe.
  • Last month I travelled by myself to the States! So far I've explored New York, been to Niagara Falls, Miami, Boston, and Orlando. I also held a little baby alligator at the Everglades Park! 



Noteworthy: I ate live octopus!!!! I also tried foie gras, caviar and ate a 12 course meal at a Michelin three star restaurant. 

Bucket List Accomplishments:
  • Visit an IKEA store — 12/12/15
  • See the Lion King on Broadway — 16/12/15
  • Go to Disneyworld — 18/12/15
  • Go to Harry Potter Land — 20/12/15
  • Drink Butter beer at the Harry Potter theme park — 20/12/15

Goals for 2016:
  • Go on more adventures! Chase waterfalls, go on hikes, be more adventurous. Travel.
  • Find a job I am passionate about! 
  • Work on being the best person I can be.

Where did you travel to in 2015? What did you try for the first time?

Happy new year everyone! 

Sheena x

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