Baoburg: serving up a unique fusion of flavours influenced by Asian and Spanish cuisine since 2013.

126 North 6th Street
Brooklyn | New York

I spent a day dedicated to walking around Brooklyn on my trip to NYC, and one of the stops along the way was Baoburg. I am beyond obsessed with baos — from the deep fried man tou from Gogo Music Cafe, to the more modern pork belly baos that you can now find all over the city. After searching on Yelp for a suitable brunch restaurant, we stumbled upon Baoburg. The name itself was enough to sway me and before the restaurant was even open, we were on our way. 

You know when you arrive at a restaurant that has just opened for the day, and hesitate to go in because you don't want to seem too eager? Well we were starving and my love for food overrode my fear of shame. 12:01pm, and we were seated waiting for our menus.

It was this particular holiday that sparked my love for Thai iced tea. I haven't even had a Thai iced tea in New Zealand, but after some encouragement from my sister, I tried it at Baoburg for the first time. It came out in a jar (bonus points here) and had a gorgeous ombre look (bonus points again for being "Instagram-worthy"). It reminded me slightly of pearl milk tea, and I can say with confidence that Thai milk tea is definitely my cup of tea!

We ordered the "Steak Bao" with Korean bulgogi beef, ssamjung sauce, lettuce, pickled chilli, onions, scallions and sesame seeds to start us off. It sounded amazing on the menu, but unfortunately the flavour wasn't as strong as we expected. The flavour of the bulgogi felt toned down, compared to Korean bulgogi dishes. 

Stephany ordered the Seared Duck Breast Noodles for her main. Highly raved about by Zagat, it was an option we had to try. The duck breast was juicy and the broth was the perfect heart-warming solution to the cold winter's day.

Of course, being both a bao and eggs benedict lover, I ordered the famous Sober Bao Benedict, which combined both my loves into one tasty dish. The Sober Bao Benedict was the ultimate brunch choice: braised and pulled pork shoulder with saute spinach served on top of a fried bao bun, topped with a poached egg with spicy hollandaise sauce. The best thing about a poached egg is the happiness I get from seeing the yolk be the perfect consistency. I love runny yolks. Does anyone else feel the same way? The egg in my Sober Bao Benedict however, was poached too long and the yolk had overcooked. I did enjoy the rest of the dish, though I feel as though a steamed bao would've been nicer (and less oily). 

The service at Baoburg was faultless. The waitress was friendly and attentive to our needs. Though the food wasn't perfect, I did enjoy my experience at Baoburg.

What would you like to try from the dishes above?

Sheena x

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  1. At this time of the night, I shouldn't be looking at food photos. That steak bao and the last dish looks absolutely amazing. I'm so jealous of your NY trip. I can just dream of the food and cool places there. It seems like you had an amazing time too and took advantage of what NY has to offer. :)