I'm sure all of you know by now that I spent the entire month of December in the States. Here are some statistics for you: 3/4 of my holiday was spent in New York, about half my holiday was spent shopping, and beauty products made up a third of my luggage.
I was also able to step foot into a Sephora for the first time in about eight years! My last experience at Sephora was in Hong Kong and it was before I even delved into the world of make up and knew what foundation was. Needless to say, I purchased tonnes of make up during my holiday, and have put together a whole heap of my favourites for you!

1. Tarte Best in Faux Lash Fibers
This product literally works wonders for my lashes! It comes with a mini sample of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, but I've found that other mascaras work a bit better with the lash fibers and make my short stubby lashes so much longer! I am obsessed with this product and I will definitely be repurchasing.

2. Essie Gel Setter top coat
I've tried this once with a pink candy floss shade and I love it already! It makes me excited to do my nails at home, and it's also a whole lot cheaper than getting a manicure outside!

3. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I was swayed by all the beauty bloggers when I decided on which high end foundation I wanted to splurge on. Shaaanxo, Tanya Burr and especially Zoella rave about this foundation so much and after trying out a little tester pot for a few days, I decided to take the plunge. I had a few doubts because I get oily around my t-zone since Nars Sheer Glow isn't recommended for oily skin types! However, after using a primer and a powder on top, I've found it to be a really good foundation, both moisturising and luminous! Fun fact: I'm exactly the same shade as Zoe Sugg!!

4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
I really couldn't decide which Naked palette to get, between 1 and 2! In the end, I chose to go with Naked 2 which has more taupe-toned colours. You can already see the colours I use most often from the little dents... Naked palettes are definitely an investment, but it was worth every dollar! I use it so much and for both everyday and more glammed up looks. I also LOVE the names of the different shades!

5. Velvet Teddy Mac Lipstick
This was something I saw on Instagram alllllllll the time and I was so green with jealousy I had to get my hands on it! I'm a sucker for nude shades, and this was the perfect pinky nude shade for every day. When I got back to New Zealand, I was shocked to find out they were $45-50 each! I purchased this lipstick for $17 USD, and even with the crappy exchange rate at the moment, it still comes out so much cheaper. Love love love this shade.

6. Zara Peach & Blooming Rose perfume

This was more of a impulse buy. I was in the line at Zara waiting for my sister and started playing around with their perfumes. This was around $20, which is so cheap for perfume, and I found two that I really liked! My second choice smelt like lollies which I definitely gravitated towards, but I also loved the Peach and Blooming Rose perfume, which smelt both floral and fruity. 

7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Eyeliner
Drugstore make up was also a whole heap cheaper in the States than in New Zealand. I was in desperate need of a liquid eyeliner (and had actually not worn eyeliner for around two months) and this was just a really cheap and good option! The applicator makes it super easy to apply, and I'm pretty sure it was only about $5-6! 

Jewellery pictured: Kate Spade + Pandora Rose collection

What are some of your beauty favourites?

Sheena x

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