I've already missed two months since this series started. Woops. I spent the majority of both January and February looking for a full time job. I also had hardly any money to live on after my holiday, so these months were very exciting (not). Nevertheless, I do have exciting news!

Here's a look back into the month of February:


  • Chinese New Year happened on the 8th of February! Gong Hei Fat Choi / Gong Xi Fa Cai / Happy New Year! I celebrated with family and ate until I almost burst. 
  • I love pub quizzes and we went to another one! Same place, same company. We came last (again) but I love the girls I went with so much and I had a blast. These pub quizzes seriously need some updating though. Can we put some Harry Potter questions in there please?
  • Dad celebrated his birthday! We feasted again and we ate until our bellies popped out of our pants. 
  • Spending a day at Muriwai.
  • Leo Di Caprio won Best Actor.
  • Leo Di Caprio won Best Actor.
  • Leo Di Caprio won Best Actor.
  • I GOT OFFERED MY FIRST FULL TIME (ADULT) JOB! *Throws balloons and eats a hundred cakes*


  • Job hunting was so flipping hard. I applied for what seemed like hundreds of jobs, and heard back from 20% of them. 10% of the people who got back to me wanted me in for an interview, and the other half just straight rejected me. The other 80%? Never heard from them at all. I went to four face-to-face interviews and waited weeks for them to get back to me, only to find out that I didn't get the role due to someone else having more experience. Ouch. I had high hopes for two roles, but didn't get either of them. But all things end well, and I ended up finding a company who loved me at my interviews with them! Persistence is key. 
  • I had the worst toothache ever for about two days before I could get a dental appointment. I spent two days sleepless and hovering over a sink, trying to relieve the pain with cold water rinsing (it was the only thing that worked). 
  • I have spent so much time at the dentist this month. Did I mention I am absolutely terrified of the dentist? 


  • I went to the dentist for the first time in forever. I have horrible childhood memories of the dentist, leaving me scarred and absolutely terrified of anything to do with them. I knew my teeth were bad, and I finally decided to do something about it. There'll be a post on this in the future because it's actually an important issue! 

Monthly Obsessions:

  • I've recently been using Twitter a lot more, mostly because I haven't been able to do anything these few months and I'm kinda hooked. Do you use Twitter? Leave me your usernames below! You can find me here
  • James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. My favourites are Adele, Sia, Chris Martin and One Direction. I even like Justin Bieber a whole lot more because of it! The playlist is here.
  • Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl on The Amazing Race. #TeamTylerandKorey foreverrrrrr. 

Books read:
I'm starting this segment because I want to get back into reading! I used to read for hours everyday when I was younger and that stopped as I got older. Hopefully by keeping a record of what I read, I'll be more motivated to read more! Of course, I'd love any recommendations you may have for me! 

  • Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
  • I Hate My Selfie by Shane Dawson

Movies seen:
Limiting these movies to ones I see in cinema. The list would go on forever if I added Netflix movies to it! 

  • The Revenant (from January)
  • Deadpool

March is going to be an exciting month as I start my first full time job and turn 22! I promise to make these posts more often.

Until next time! 

Sheena x
  1. Congratulations on the first job! I'm currently looking and it's stressful! So glad you've made it through!