Bellini's refurbished interior oozes both comfort and sophistication, and their gorgeous nautical themed decor is just the beginning. As you sink into their couches, you'll never want to leave. Pair that with the stunning harbour view and Bellini's new bar menu and classic cocktail list, you'll be in for an unforgettable experience.

Bellini — The Hilton
147 Quay Street
Princes Wharf | Auckland
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To start off, we were given glasses of strawberry and peach flavoured sparkling wine. Over the course of the night, we got to try three classic cocktails: the mojito, long island iced tea and cosmopolitan, all of which were made in front of us by Jonas, our host for the evening.

The mojito is not only a classic, but also one of my favourite cocktails ever. It was so refreshing and packed with limes. Did you know pressing mint releases the best flavour? Try it next time you make your own cocktails at home!

The long island iced tea, famous for the many varieties of alcohol, was my second favourite of the night. With 75ml of alcohol in one glass, this one definitely packs a punch. 

We were also treated to Bellini's new bar menu. From cheese covered oysters, prawn tempura, crumbed lamb rack (my personal favourite) to calamari, Bellini have a range of bar snacks for every palate. 

Lastly, we finished off with the classic Cosmopolitan. Citron vodka, cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice make up this delicious drink, but the best part? Jonas garnishes this drink with a flamed orange peel. At the end of the night, those who were brave enough could venture behind the bar and make their own cocktail. I've made my own cocktail before, and I definitely do not have the arm muscles or skill for this culinary art.

After a place to go in the weekend? Indulge in one of Bellini's High Teas, with choices in hot beverages, cocktails, bubbles or even whisky options. Simply book 48 hours in advance to secure your spot, and prepare to sit back for a culinary experience — with an alcoholic twist.

Have you been to Bellini before?

Sheena x

Disclaimer: I dined as a guest of Zomato and Bellini at the Hilton, but all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Ahhh, haven't indulged in any cocktails recently and this makes me want to! They're so pretty to look at (and photograph haha)!