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Anhui Taienkang production line construction project and topping pouring ceremony were held grandly

2023-04-13 09:52:09

On September 22, Anhui Taienkang invested in the construction of oral solid preparation drug production line, biological drug production line project and topping pouring ceremony was held in Anhui Dangtu Economic Development Zone.

Mr. Henry Cheng, Chairman of Tyne Kang, accompanied the senior management team to witness this auspicious and historic moment and delivered a speech to express his gratitude to the construction unit and all employees for their support.

Mr. Zheng said: The construction of the project officially began on December 24, 2021. After nine months of overcoming adverse factors such as the epidemic and extreme high temperature, it is not easy to achieve the current stage of achievements. I fully affirm the dedicated craftsman spirit and excellent management level of the project management staff, and commend the front-line builders as the most lovely people. Today officially ushered in the main body of the project capping festive day, here also wish the project smooth, on time completion, for the enterprise to bring greater benefits.