bucket list

  1. go back to visit belize
  2. get married
  3. eat the renowned food of every country i visit
  4. ride in a hot air balloon
  5. go to a degustation
  6. go on a cruise
  7. helicopter over the belize blue hole
  8. experience zero gravity
  9. go to africa and see the animals on a safari tour
  10. go to a holi festival
  11. go paragliding
  12. see the northern lights
  13. go to milford sounds
  14. go to hogwarts! (alnwick castle)
  15. see the lion king musical  16/12/15
  16. watch a movie at a drive-in theatre
  17. go to an ellen show
  18. ride an elephant
  19. see a shooting star
  20. read all the classics
  21. do volunteer work
  22. stay in an igloo
  23. see the egypt pyramids in a pyramid tour
  24. visit lake retba in senegal
  25. put a lock on the love locks tower in seoul with my bae
  26. go to disney world 18/12/15
  27. go to harry potter land 20/12/15
  28. run a marathon
  29. go to a trick eye museum 
  30. send a message in a bottle
  31. make a difference in someone's life
  32. go white water rafting
  33. go zorbing
  34. visit the taj mahal
  35. have dinner in the sky
  36. visit the redwoods treehouse
  37. zipline through a forest on a canopy tour
  38. go on a cable car ride in tian men mountain
  39. go to the grand canyon
  40. walk on the great wall of china
  41. visit an ikea store  12/12/15
  42. buy a house
  43. go horse riding 
  44. have a pen pal
  45. live abroad for a while
  46. watch the sunrise and sunset in a day
  47. go on a submarine tour
  48. walk around napier and see the art deco buildings
  49. learn to surf
  50. go to a fifa world cup game
  51. drink butter beer at the harry potter theme park 20/12/15
  52. road trip around new zealand
  53. go to bora bora and stay in the water huts
  54. sleep in a tree house
  55. go backpacking around europe
  56. visit niagara falls
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